Thursday, June 9, 2011

Inspiration Workshop : Kitchens {Summertime Kitchen}

I am always looking for ways to challenge myself creatively, as well as more reasons to consistently blog-- so this week I'm linking up with Gussy Sews Inspiration workshop. I have committed to post every Thursday from the prompt Miss Gussy herself provides.

This weeks prompt is {Kitchens}-- something I know A LOT about. I love to cook, mix drinks, entertain, decorate and make I spend a lot of time in our kitchen...which is still a work in progress. I could go so many directions with this post...a photo of a dream kitchen-- found while perusing pinterest (ack- love that site-- such a time sap though!!)

A mix of vintage and modern and pops of turquoise in the form of a fridge and a peacock-- dreamy!! Mixed drink recipes-- we all know how I h.e.a.r.t a good margarita. And a cupboard dedicated to just, yes, I'll take one of those. Must make that!

As I was sitting by the pool today (the girls had 6 of their friends over for a end of year party...their teacher has decided she doesn't want to do anything fun in class, so we all pulled our girls out at lunch time and I threw a pizza and swim party for them at our house. ) I was really thinking about what I was going to post and thought about how summer is really not about the indoor kitchen for us.

As the summer starts here in SoCal, our kitchen tends to move from indoors to out. We don't cook inside much in the summer. Mornings are warm, evenings are warm so there is just no reason to be inside for meals. The stove barely gets turned on, same with the oven. We spend our time around the pool, the garden and the grill-- flip flop clad. Half the time the girls eat dinner wrapped on a towel with goggles on their head! This is what a SoCal summer is all about. Fresh fruits, fresh veggies and something wonderful on the grill {pizza is one of our faves.}

Tomorrow. 12:30 pm . Summer vacation starts. Cheers to an outdoor kitchen, warm nights and giggling girls who go straight from pool to table for a family dinner around a fabulous floral tablecloth.



lemontreelikes said...

I am LOVING that cupboard! I actually gasped when I saw it. Your outdoor kitchen, meals at the pool, grilled pizza life sounds wonderful.

Kelly said...

i love all the colors in the last pic. that cupboard is to die for!

Michele Bergh said...

I LOVE the cupboard too!!!! So cool!

Anonymous said...

I hope you have a super Summer...I dont know about a Grey walled kitchen. On a cloudy grey grey, not that you have too many of those in CA...