Monday, June 27, 2011

Indulgent Day.

Today is my Birthday. Not only is it the one of the few days a year my kiddos will not whine or complain about anything it's the day I get to do what I want...ALL DAY! So what does one do on a day that they have full reign over?? Well, I found this during my indulgent hour and a half on pinterest this morning.

And since it is my birthday, I think I might spend the day scouring my fave antiques store for something similar (which I am sure i will find-- because it's my Birthday, you know!). Paint it and fill it with flowers. Then I'll sew a few things for myself --which will most likely be pillows for the living room couch-- from this Celerie Kemble fabric-- While my girls make covered button necklaces...without arguing. This evening we'll dip in the pool and have a family dinner outside. And eat cake.

Indulgence - Simone style.

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Anonymous said...

lady S - A super Happy B Day to you - keep the spirit today & always doing whatever rocks your boat.
A happy upcoming 4th...

Amy Hodge said...

Happy Birthday Simone! We bolted from Las Vegas and are now in Sedona, which I LOVE! Hope you have had a fabulous day!

Gielbert said...

You are so talented!! Happy Birdie Simone!! You deserve a great day and success

Marnie said...

Happy Birthday Simone!! You share my big brother's birthday!! We are celebrating NYC style, where he lives. We escaped California for the summer. I really would love to meet up with you when I return to hit those flea markets!! Hope your day was happy!! Marnie