Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Country Affair

I'm having a creative affair with all things country wedding. It all started with a photo of fabrics and velvet flowers as well as some recent vintage millinery finds. And then a request for a custom tote in soft colors.

What kind of wedding would you have if you were planning one right now?? I would love to re-new my vows, just for the fun of having another wedding. Don't worry mom and dad-- it's not going to happen!

Maybe I could just plan a fun fancy dress party-- now THAT sounds like a good time! Everyone could wear lace and boots and florals--And I could use it as an excuse to get The Hasass family down here to take photos and make great hair accessories..and then we could also shoot Gardenhouse bags and dresses as well. A country chic sort of party with hanging swag lights and flowers everywhere -- and this of course is how I would justify it all-- "It's for work!"-- And there you have a little glimpse into my completely rational mind! lol.

Source: None via Simone on Pinterest

I really must stop dreaming and get some work done!

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