Saturday, April 2, 2011

Winner winner chicken dinner!

Running like a chicken today...having a really hilarious weekend-- getting everything wrong around here! I think it is because I have an overloaded plate so I am not really doing anything wonderfully (except sewing of course!) The poor kids, they have dance rehearsals all weekend. Yesterday I thought I was dropping them off 10 minutes early and they were actually 5 minutes late.... And today when I went to drop them off we realized it was Jazz, not ballet-- so had to dash home for different clothes! Earlier, I gave Mr. H the wrong address to pick up a friend for a play date. Oops. Laughing at myself!! Fortunately, the queen mum walked in the door about a half hour ago. She has already swept the floors and loaded the dishwasher. Thank God for a second set of hands. We have big plans for this week the kids are on spring break and it's bathroom makeover time!! Today's style file is inspiration for the bathroom...DARK walls (still debating between brown and black) with pops of white, celadon, red and coral.

Oh and that number in there? Oh yes, it's the giveaway winner!! Number 25...which is from the blog comments.

Family Fashion and Facts-- email me or leave me a comment with your email addy. I'll send you something wonderful from the armoire!!

I thought that was a really fun giveaway. Either I'll post a photo of what I sent or have the winner post a photo once it is received...don't want to spoil the fun of opening a surprise. Stay in touch this week for Maxi dresses, more bags and a recipe for crepes...I make them every Saturday-- so easy and delish and I am always shocked that no one else in the world seems to make them often-- if at all. they are sooooo easy!! So I'll share my recipe and a few pointers for super delish breakfasts that you kiddos will remember for ever!

Happy Stylish Saturday.




Amy said...

Lucky girl!!

Family Fashion and Facts said...

Who hoo! You have no idea how excited I am! Thank you thank you!
Emailing you now!!! Sorry about your crazy day! Hope your night is more smooth!

I am totally squealing with excitement! Thank you!