Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Stay to the left & A Giveaway (or two) .

The rain was completely relentless this weekend. It literally poured monsoon like rains for 10 hours straight. Which means, a flooded back yard and pumps and hoses and a pool that looks like the red sea or even worse, a port-a-potty (if I really want to gross you out!) Pool party at our house!! It's nasty. So I am deciding to out the back door and stay ot the left, through the garden to the studio......

Because just around the corner on the right is this....

Yes, flowers in the pool. The brown.murky.pool. It was an attempt to lift my spirits. Not so much..... so I stay to the left. Which would you choose?

Veer left.... it's much prettier (althought still very muddy)

Oh, and swing by the Gardenhouse facebook's another giveaway for you all! THAT will lift my spirits! And yours. AND, my friend Jenn at Forty Toes Photography is doing a giveaway for a Gardenhouse romper and Princy n' Paris hair accessory. LOVE!! -- go check it out! It's to the prettier, more enjoyable left.....



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