Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring Forward

Are you ready for spring? I am soo ready to put the clocks ahead-- I think it might be this weekend that wee do that. Lose an hour of sleep for the sake of Spring, sunshine and longer days? I'm ok with that. Looking forward to lighter nights and eating dinner outside. And of course my roses blooming. Why am I so obsessed with flowers? Pretty things make me happy...maybe that's why. I do believe this new clutch is pretty.....a mix of what is hot right now, naturals and neutrals , a little rustic mixed in with hip, polished chic. Tres Gardenhouse.

The base of the clutch is an amazing Ralph Lauren linen. I have a dear customer and friend who works for him and often sends packages of fabric goodness. Love her. Especially since when she emails me, or leave a blog comment, she calls me "Lady S". Wanna know how to instantly become my BFF?? Call me Lady S. (not in the Lady GaGa sort of way, the Lady Di sort of way.) Thanks Mox (and Ralph-- since I am sure he reads my blog!)

I was struck with how well this clutch mixed in with the spring J Crew cover. I had already cut it when the catalog arrived. Makes me laugh. There have been other times when this has happened. Maybe Jenna is spying on my studio. (or at least reading my blog-- along with Ralph Lauren! lol)
Spring dreams

Spring dreams by simonehowell featuring opening ceremony shoes

The outfit is ready. All you need is the clutch. Rustic. Chic. Polished. Hip.

Happy Stylish Friday.


Anonymous said...

Lady S...No you didnt...this is way TOO cool & I just wanted to see your style file & are the DIVA & no I have 3 GDhouse bags so need to pass on. Ralph too busy with 2 weddings...daughter + son to walk up an aisle in June.

Amy said...

This bag is GORGEOUS! I saw your post somewhere on facebook about trading and I'm so in! :) If you are up to it now or in the future, just let me know...send me an email! xoxo