Friday, March 18, 2011

Calling The Queen Mum.

Right now I am completely interior inspired!! I am not sure if you saw the little photo I posted on facebook of our kitchen wallpaper....well it has set off a crazed chain of events! Everything is getting a little re-do here! And by little, I really mean big. I wish I could share some of my finds via polyvore but for some reason polyvore is not cooperating with me today. Soo- I have collaged a little ditty to show you where i am drawing inspiration from.

I think almost all of these images are from a back issue of Lonny Mag. I believe either last year's March or June issues. Did you know they have all their back issues on line in their archives tab? Ohhhh it's the best. Hours upon hours of inspiration. Brian was getting a little worried last night as he could just see my eyes lighting up! I have a few surprises in store for him, for sure! Poor man!

I am completely OBSESSED with the black bathroom in the collage. What do you guys think? Yes or no?? I'm thinking yes. Now I just need to get my mumsie down here to help me paint! Calling The Queen mum now.

Happy Stylish Friday!



Anonymous said...

Lady S - Black walls are very chic & look nice in mags - however just to be sure that you will like the look - best to pin / tape some Black fabric to the walls to see if the room looks dark or how the light plays off. Once you paint Black - its V Hard to paint light colors ontop - there again - with mom on hand...tee hee...

burlap+blue said...

So happy I discovered your shop and blog! Both are so lovely:) Your.Clutches.Are.Amazing!

LOVE the silhouette headboard in the above gorgeous!
Have a wonderful weekend! xo

Amy Hodge said...

I think that black bath looks super cool, but just a note of caution: I painted Hope's beadboard in her room and a couple of louvered doors black and they looked great at first, but now they are a bit scratched's kinda like buying a black car (which I always do)...they look good when they are brand new, but over time, the dings and scratches and dirt come and they don't look so hot. Black also shows major dust. Hate to be "Debbie Downer", but.....XO Amy

Anonymous said...

Lady S - I have another idea for your black bathroom - you may wanto to consider Black grasscloth wallpaper - looks chic in all rooms & throws off light well. I will send you a sample in the mail - this is Ralph Wallpaper but I'm sure you could get something similar from local CA designer / decorater if you like this look. Keep us posted.