Friday, February 11, 2011


I wanted so badly to have the spring summer line of clutches finished and ready for preview today. And guess what.... It didn't happen. Am I disappointed? A bit. BUT I realize that I am truly trying to balance my life. Family is very important to me, as is sleep! lol. I just can't stay up night after night until 2am. I makes me grumpy. Which makes my kids grumpy, which means I am failing. So, no clutches yet. It looks like it will be March before that happens. Why so long? We'll balance means keeping up on my involvement in the girls school-- and that is not a slight involvement. That is planning the Father Daughter Dance for 390. Ohh yes. And yesterday someone mentioned plastic tablecloths. I started laughing....Simone does not use plastic tablecloths-- it's that sort of father daughter dance! lol. Table drapes and tissue pom poms and chandeliers-- and a dessert buffet that is Amy Atlas worthy. Cuz' that's how I roll. I can't do it any other way...and those kids expect it now, ya know?!? And I like to do it.... Knowing that I will have created a memory for 390 people - that's rewarding. It adds balance to my life. Since it is Friday and Friday is stylish i thought I would share with you the cutest photo booth accessories shop.

Photo booths are popping up at all the see and be seen parties (Father Daughter dance being one of them of course!) and I love these!! So fun! They will definitely add that extra little bit of fun for the girls and their dads.
So now I am off to pack-- Gardenhouse is on vacay next week....Big Apple, baby! So excited. I have big plans to make a bag for myself before I leave...we'll see how that goes. I'll post photos if I can make it happen.
luvluv and stylish memories.


Mande said...

Super cute props!! Loving those aqua glasses!!
I feel ya on the balance thing. We had an aha moment recently that has put our focus back on the kiddos 1st, and life, bills, & everything else, 2nd. The father daughter dance sounds like so much fun!! Cannot wait to see pics from the evening!! xoxo

Rocio Rincon said...

Oh wow, I just love the props! They look so fun and whimsical. Thks for sharing! Xoxo ♥

Rocio R.

Jennifer said...

HUGS! Simone I so understand. I have so many ideas going through my head for pictures and sewing but my first and most important job is being a MOM so I just have to balance. Oh just wanted to say I so understand! ;)

Amy said...

Simone, just read this and I completely agree!! It's just not worth the sacrifice, is it?? Sometime you just have to put stuff on pause for those precious kiddos. They are worth every minute. I'm sure the dance will be FAB. xoxo