Monday, January 3, 2011

Surprise start.

What a way to start the year! It hasn't snowed here in I don't know how long. I think once since we have lived here-- and it was really three minutes of slush falling from the sky. Yesterday we actually had snow accumulate on the ground! Keyyyy-razy!

The dogs went mad, the kids went mad! So fun! And so cold!! The kiddos were outside in the only gloves we have-- knit and fleece, not at all waterproof....but when you are young and you can make a snowman in your own backyard-- and you live in Southern California-- you don't seem to mind frozen hands!

We are supposed to get more today, under a "winter storm advisory." One to four inches. It's nonsense I tell you! I think I'm going to cozy back up in bed. Thank goodness we don't live on the East coast. I would be worthless when it snowed!

A view from the studio window. The heater is on in there now-- I'm waiting for it to warm up before venture out!

I hope the rest of 2011 is filled with fantastic surprises like this one!

luvluv and snow boots.


Mande said...

Yay!! Loving your pics of the dog & your kiddos. Savor every minute of it. As an East coaster living in the north, I often wonder ho many more winters I can stand before packing up and heading back to the south. My 4th winter so far and they do not get easier. Oh well, we chose to live here so we make the best of it, along with lots of snow angels. XOXO

Simone Howell said...

Oh Mande! I could not do it! Been there. I lived in upstate NY for my teen years as well as college. I can't imagine doing it with kiddos...although it was rather magical yesterday. The kids went bananas-- Their eyes were literally sparkling.
Hang in there girl, spring is just around the corner!

Paula Prass said...

I'm looking out my window at thick white flakes falling. We are sharing our snowflakes and floods with CA and we are experiencing earthquakes here in the Midwest. It's a small world after all.

Sure wish I could make you laugh in person. And I'd even share my white eyelash technique with you! I know you're dying to try that one!