Tuesday, January 11, 2011


A bit of a stressful day here. Had to make the same thing over three times due to silly mistakes-- mostly due to the fact that I am distracted by family concerns. I would say I try not to let things get to me. But they do. It is just in my nature. I envy those who can get thru a full day of uninterrupted work with family issues going on. Me?? Ahh, not so much! I am Emo (tional.) I make no apologies for the passion I feel for my family. I.heart.them.

By this afternoon I was totally drained and I could not believe how quickly the first school pick up had snuck up on me! So I dredged my bad attitude out of the studio to pick up three little peaches. Miss A and her two friends. Giggles and all. Thanks goodness for them. I was droning through the drive home, sort of listening to the radio and sort of listening to them chat and giggle. And then I heard Miss A say to her friends "You know, my mom IS the best driver in the whole town" It was honestly like some was tickling me. LOVE her! A complete change of attitude- in an instant! Amazing how a little sunshine can instantly change your mood!

1. SUNSHINE quote, 2. lush, 3. Vintage Mini Cooper , 4. lush

And yes, do you not die for these prints?!!? I am obsessed with Anne. (her TDF work is available here) I am obsessed with Miss A too. I think they both have such an amazing outlook.

Wishing you a little sunshine in your life.


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annechovie said...

Aw, thanks for bringing sunshine to my day, Simone. I hope things are happier soon! xo