Friday, January 14, 2011

Mad for Shoes.

Everyone loves fabulous shoes, right?? And I believe part of my purpose on this earth is to spread the love in the form of fabulous accessories, shoes and clothing. Usually the fabulous shoes are in the form of a polyvore; because I don't and can't make them!! I had planned on getting my nieces shoes from Joyfolie for Christmas (and by planned I mean thought about it for two minutes on the day before it was too late to order for Christmas delivery-- because that is how I roll in December!) I know Jessica's shoes are close to impossible to come by-- so i am not sure why I thought I would just mosie on over there and pick up a few pairs. Ha! Those of you who stalk her blog are laughing at me! So I found myself in a bit of a pickle. I did find these fantastic shirts. "Mad for Shoes" Aren't we all?? So I ordered a few of those and then decided, I would have to make the shoes myself. Soooo, off to etsy I went to find a pattern...which I found here. And then it was on to fabric selection and a little elbow grease.

Are the results not the cutest ever?? These are for Miss Lillian. They are done in Maeve from Jennifer Paganelli's new line called Queen Street. I.heart.Jennifer. Full stop. Every fabric she produces is fantastic. And she is a doll to boot! The little flowers were made by simply hand gathering silk seam binding and then stitching it into a little rosette.

I bought a load of seam binding from French Market on etsy-- they have every color under the sun! The beads and buttons are vintage (as is to be expected right??)

And of course a pair for Miss Evie-- A little Amy Butler Love! A hand rolled silk rose and again more vintage baubles. I love them both!!

The father daughter dance is coming up at school. If my two sasses were not so obsessed with the idea of finally being able to wear a little heel I would think about making them some. But what ev's! Neither of them would even consider letting me make them a dress either! What's up with that???

Happy stylish Friday!




Prencie said...

Ooooo, these are SOOOoo cute!!!!! Awesome job Simone!!!:) LOVe the lil rolled rosettes!!! and with seam binding?!? CUTE! I love seam binding! I have the prettiest pastel binding that looks like the hand dyed silk ribbon that's out there. Still haven't used it yet:)

The Wooden Spool said...

Totally over the top gorgeous! LOVE!
Happy New Year!

Mande said...

WOW!! Love these little beauties. Gorgeous!

Marnie said...

These are beautiful and I know what you mean about buying on Joyfoli's sight! I am always a minute late!! Love her stuff!! But these are amazing.

Also, my 14 year old had a headshot photo shoot yesterday in Pasedena with Sharron. My daughter is dying to get into "the movies" so who better to use? I saw your post and the amazing pictures she took of your girls. Being new to CA, I went with your advice and called her. SO very sweet, loved her and my daughter had sooo much fun. And what a great little city there. We are heading back next weekend to do some shopping. I am really liking this California thing!!

Marnie said...

sp.Pasadena, that is.