Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Sunday I returned home from a fabulous flea market adventure, Mr. H must have sensed I was in a great mood, feeling relaxed after having a full day at the flea market to myself. He says to me "You have to see this car. I am in love with it. I think it will be the perfect car for commuting. But please keep an open mind" You see, we have been looking for a car for Brian for a few weeks testing driving loads of different cars but always running into the same problem. Most luxury cars seem to be designed for a guy who is 5"11 or shorter...and Brian is 6'2". "Oh dear," I think to myself. "This is coming from a guy who carried a briefcase in college instead of a backpack....."
So I glance down at the i-pad and see a photo of a big black caddy! Not the sporty, smaller one (which by the way is a GORGEOUS car) not the mid-sized one...NOPE! The big, hunkin' DTS. Full size, my friends. Hotel room on wheels. I laugh and say "Ummmm. I wouldn't be caught dead in that car. Only old people and Boss Hog from the Dukes of Hazzard drive those" and I hope that I have heard the end of his Caddy dreams. By Monday Brian had test drove that car along with a Volvo. Both cars would work but he reeeealy wanted to DTS. So I caved. After all, who am I to tell the guy what kind of car he can drive?!? He is the one that spends so much time in the car for our sake, commuting so that we can live outside of the city he works in. He's a great hubby and a great dad so he should get what he wants....I gave in, slightly cringing at the thought of driving that beast around town (even though I really don't have to all that much) I was telling our friend about it and he said "Oh, yeah I just saw a photo of Pauly-D from Jersey Shore driving one of those, they're pimp sleds." Is that supposed to help?? But what does help is that karma caught up with me the next day.

I scored a vintage Givenchy crest necklace and earrings set at one of my local antique haunts. SUCH a Rachel Zoe moment. I am smitten!! I guess compromise is good and it comes back two-fold! So now at least I'll have great jewelry to go with my Snookie bump hair while riding in style with my very own Pauly-D!

luvluv and Caddy style! (ohhh, maybe that will be Friday's style file??)
Simone Snookie Howell.

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