Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Free Love - A Romper Giveaway.

The shop is back open!! Yay, finally! It is loaded with vintage jewelry along with a few embellished pieces and the three rompers-- Which I lurrrve. I was hoping to get it all finished today to tie in with the Gardenhouse Giveaway on Fabulous Fun Finds. Head on over there and check it out. A Romper is up for grabs! For you. For free. From me. And Heather too! Love Heather! Good luck ya'll. ( check out all the other amazing giveaways Heather is doing as well....loads of great things!)

Check back here once that giveaway is finished...I may have a consolation giveaway... we'll see..... Well check back in before then too. I am sure I'll muster up something stylish for Friday. I also have a good rant ready for the next few days. Elementary school has my panties in a bunch! Well really just one particular teacher but none the less, I feel a rant coming.

Who doesn't love a free romp(er) and rant?? ;)



Mande said...

I lurrrve the rompers, and the jewelry, and the clutches!!! Love it all girl!

Anonymous said...

Yeah the shop is open...Lady S...dont have a young un but if the bracelet or turquoise necklace come into the giveaway...then i'm a wishin...MOX

Deborah A said...

I love your fabric combinations - my young niece would look so precious wearing one of your rompers. And her birthday is common up, wouldn't it be perfect!