Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fabulous Choice

I sat down to start this post a half hour ago!! My mind is jumbled as there are too many things I want to write about! Funny....that doesn't often happen! I was going to write about the New year and Resolutions and how I don't really make them, I just want to continue to improve myself, to constantly take stock in where I am, where my family is, my relationships and my work. Where do I want to go? Where have I been?

So I went in search of a quote that would hopefully tie it all in, they are not easy to find. Some fit but didn't get the full message. You would think that I would have a treasure trove of favorite quotes, as it seems like most people do. I don't I have a few faves, but other than that I'm empty! I do often turn to Sasha at Everything Fabulous for a dose of inspiration and came across a post of hers from this past summer. It is an excerpt from this book, Matthew Kelly's The Rhythm of Life.

"Everything is a choice.
This is life greatest truth and its hardest lesson.It is a hard lesson, because it causes us to realize that we have chosen the life we are living right now. It is perhaps frightening for us to think that we have chosen to live our life exactly as it is today. Frightening because we may not like what we find when we look at our lives. But it is also liberating, because we can now begin to choose what we will find when we look at our life in the tomorrows that lie unlived before us.

Life is choices.
You have chosen to live this day. You have chosen to read this book. You have chosen to live in a certain city. You have chosen to believe certain ideas.You choose the food you eat, the clothes you wear, and the thoughts you think. You choose to be calm or restless, you choose to feel appreciative or ungrateful.Love is a choice. Anger is a choice. Fear is a choice. Courage is a choice.

You choose.
You may argue that you are forced to live in a certain city or drive a certain car, but it is not true. And if it is, it is true only temporary and because of a choice you have made in the past.We choose our lives, and in doing so, we design our lives.Perhaps one day we will realize that we have chosen much more than we have even imagined.I hope that day is today.For the day we accept that we have chosen to choose our choices is the day we cast off the shackles of victim-hood and are set free to pursue the lives we were born to live."
~ Matthew Kelly from the book The Rhythm of Life

I choose improvement, forward motion and dreaming big. I choose to start the year by finishing up my studio redec that started many moons ago! Those are a few shots of the finished space. What do you choose for 2011?



Mrs. JM said...

a beautiful post simone! i wanted to send you a link to my christmas post so you can see a photo of the tablecloth you made for me to give to my mom. it fits her table perfectly and she loves it so much! thank you!

Mande said...

You are so fabulous girl! Happy New Year!! Love Everything Fabulous!!

For 2011 I am choosing to live within my means, to become more organized, spend more quality time with my kiddos and husband, to appreciate what I have and live for the moment. I hope 2011 brings you all the bliss in the world Simone. xoxo

Simone Howell said...

Perfect resolutions Mande!! I MUST become more organized too. And quality time is a must! xo