Monday, January 17, 2011

Fabrics and Finery

Yesterday I spent the day at my all time fave flea market....the one that I think has the best jewelry. What a fantastic day! It was in the low 80's (yes, can you believe it? Snow two weeks ago and now this?!) and I mosied around the market for 4 hours! Indulgent.

I found some really amazing pieces. Once the shop re-opens, probably around jan 24th, I'll be adding more jewelry pieces to the mix. now decided to start offering more jewelry in the shop as well.

Some I will be embellishing, like the gold beaded necklace above-- it has a vintage brooch simply pinned onto it. STUNNING!

Something I found interesting as I was looking at jewelry-- I kept pairing them up with different fabrics... Like this bracelet....

I could totally see worn with a top or dress done in Amy's fabric shown above.

And this bracelet-- with the most AMAZE clasp ever could totally pair with one of Jennifer's Queen Street fabrics. LOVE!!! I sort of amused myself as well as thoroughly enjoyed myself -- pairing jewelry with fabric as I sauntered around one of the happiest places on earth in the glowing sunshine.

Time well spent.


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Mande said...

Love vintage jewels! Beautiful Simone!!