Friday, October 29, 2010

& Saturday morning too...

Since the weather has dropped a bit cooler the girls have been in lounge mode on the weekends, sometimes not even getting dressed until noon...and even then it's a struggle to get them motivated. Last weekend we had a gaggle of girls here for a sleepover and I took them out for donuts in the morning (nothin' like starting the day off with a 600 calorie breakfast to get them all amped up for the day!) Anyway, they didn't want to change so I let them go in their pj's. It was not a pretty sight. A bit of a motley crew-- at least they brushed their hair and teeth before we left the house! So this spurred me to consider lounge wear.

The type that not only your kiddos, but you as well will be able to wear out of the house and not have to put a hat on to hide under. Think flannel and lace- lots of lace. Vintage and Chic-- they'll be listed in the shop early next week.

You'll be the envy of the donut shop-- even in your pj's!

Happpy Stylish Friday(& Saturday morning too!)

luvluv & lounging.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Quick Sparkly Halloween Craft.

I have to admit I am the official Halloween Scrooge.... Not a fan. It's such a silly holiday and most of the decorations are ugly. Sometimes I feel sorta bad for my kids. We usually carve pumpkins the day before and throw a few lanterns and skulls outside and call it a day, yes, the day of! Lucky for them, I make up for it at Christmas!

So-- i am sort of proud of myself for doing a Halloween craft with the girls over the weekend. And it was one I rather enjoyed. Sparkly spider rings. SO simple and super affordable.

Here's what ya' need.....
White glue that dries clear
A paint brush
Glitter (YAY glitter!!) I used superfine glitter and found it at Joann's.
Spider rings
Paper plates

Here's what ya' do--
Water the glue down just a bit if you are using tacky glue. Pour glitter out into little piles on paper plates. Paint the glue onto the spiders body and legs then dip the spider into the glitter. SO EASY! We went a little crazy and dipped the tips of the legs in one color and then the bodies in another (yes, we live on the edge around here!!) They look like spiders with painted nails! LOVE!

When they were dry, I popped them on to of a little faux spider web and I wrapped them in little cellophane bags with black and orange ribbons. Cute, quick, affordable that even the Halloween Scrooge likes!

Happy Halloween week!



Monday, October 25, 2010

Gardez le rythme.

row of umbrellas., originally uploaded by indierocket.

A fabulous photo to inspire you on this windy, rainy, fallish Monday {from indierocket a la flickr}

And a song, one that I will be listening to over and over in the studio this week. It's a bit of organized chaos & I'm obsessed... The whole album is amazing.

I have big plans for the week. A long to do list. Gardez le rythme! {that's as close to "get your groove on" as could get!}

Happy Monday!

luvluv unbrellas and groove.


Friday, October 22, 2010

Harvest Pumpkin Tutorial

It's finished! It's finished It's finished! I sat down at the computer this morning at 9am to get this done. It is now 5:23. no joke. There have been a few fits and spurts along the way and I have no idea why it took so darn long but whatevs-- It's here for you! The Harvest Pumpkin Tutorial. Click on the link and it should launch you into the PDF. I'll sit down for a another 6 hours to figure out how to get this bad boy onto a button on the side of my blog- it's just not going to happen right now!

I think you'll find it rather easy to make, and completely addictive. I love love love embellishing these. Such fun! I sat down to make just one and we can see how that turned out....

The tutorial is in a PDF file so you can print it. It is heavy on the photos so I didn't want to just pop it on my blog. I guess it's really a free PDF pattern. please let me know if you find any errors or if there is anything I can clear up or improve upon. I can always edit it-- I mean who wouldn't want to sit back down at the computer after being here for 7 hours already. (see I had to take a few breaks or the kids would not have gotten their homework at school. Nor would they have been picked up from school, fed or dropped off at dance class .whew.) So yeah, let me know if you like it!

It's been a rough week here, to tell you the truth. We have a sick newfie- stomach upset that just won't go away. Been to the vet twice-- subcutaneous fluids, shots, pills, you name it. Not sure what is going on. They can't figure out what it is-- so we're probably heading back tomorrow for blood work and x-rays. No fun, that's for sure. Compound that with rain- and thunderstorms and two kids who have only experienced thunderstorms once and it will make for a a few sleepless nights with kiddos piled in the bed and restless dogs in the house. And on top of it all Mr. H was out of town for a few nights so I was flying solo. So-- I am taking a break this weekend. Hopefully will finish putting the studio back together and thinking I'll make something for myself or the girls. I need a fun, relaxing weekend. I feel like it's been non-stop for weeks.
Style file Saturday?? It's just not going to happen today-- although those pumpkins sure would infuse some style into your fall decor!

I'm off to pop the bacon mac n' cheese in the oven (I need comfort food) and to pour myself a glass of wine-- or three.

Happy Weekend.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A thing or two.

Just a thing or two to share....Ruffle hats are finally in the shop. More to come in the next few days! Had the best time making them! It's always lots of fun to sit and mindlessly play with fabric and vintage sparkle. I cannot pick a favorite one-- although I do LOVE this one....

And the gold fabric on this one....

Oh and the colors of this one. See...can't pick just one.

I'm working on that pumpkin tute today! Finally. I'm also on the prowl for fall decor inspiration. I am not big into decorating for the seasons. I usually have my year round decor and then Christmas and that's all but since I'm hosting Thanksgiving again I think I need to fall it up around here a bit. Any suggestions?? Found a few things at the flea market this past weekend that should help. The flea market that I went to specifically for a table and nothing else. I came home without said table and with ceramic birds, vases, a gorgeous crewel piece for the studio and a few rustic tin containers that might work for fall table. Maybe next month....

And did I mention that I have been re-doing the studio...grey walls. LOVE! Here's a sneak peak of what's inside taken outside as it was a dreary day! I'll post more photos as it comes together.
Hope everyone is having a great week!

Friday, October 15, 2010


This week's Friday style file is inspired by last weekends date. A daytime date. Casual and romantic.

Brian and I have been married thirteen years. Can you believe that? We must have gotten married when I was like 16 (that would make me 29 now, right??) We celebrated our anniversary last weekend while up at my parents place. I think it was my favorite so far.

A gorgeous fall day tasting spent wine tasting and talking--two of my favorite things! You see, this man is a keeper! He's not the most fond of being on my blog-- sorry babe! Love you!--but I couldn't let the week pass without acknowledging our anniversary. I took some time to think about how I could sum him up in just a few words.....strong, smart, and enveloping. Pretty much says it all. I knew I wanted to marry him the day I met him.

luvluv, talking & wine tasting.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bundles of Love.

Emily Anderson is a gorgeous mama to 3 boys and a little lady. I am always amazed by women like Emily who seem to juggle it all-- with FOUR kids-- and do it successfully-- I can barely hold it together with my two! Her blog is chock full of amazing photographs (as you would expect from a pro!) and musings about life with four absolutely gorgeous children as well as their quest to adopt a little girl from Ethiopia.

She is currently hosting a raffle style giveaway with some amazing Gardenhouse loot. The funds raised will be used to help bring the little girl who has captured their hearts to join their family for life. Can you imagine feeling like this baby is meant to be a part of your family, and knowing that she is not here yet. Looking at photos and feeling that tugging on your heart strings but not being able to hold this child, this child that you know is yours......thousands of miles away. I can't... Just can't.

So what's in it for you, you ask?? One of those black ruffled hats-- that many of you missed out's in there. As well as a tote in one of the new fall off the press... really! Amy Buter and Paula Prass fabrics-- me lurrrves! Not even available in the shop yet! So head on over to Emily's blog to buy raffle tickets for the Share the Love Accessories bundle. Official rules are on her blog. Raffle on for a worthy cause ladies!

luvluv and total chaos with (only) two kids!


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Root Down & Ruffle hats.

I am in Denver for a few days doing a bit of a decorating stint. It is fun, I must say, my sister in law lives here with the two cutest nieces you have ever seen as does my mother in law. We are having a great time. Tonight we hit one of my SIL' fave jaunts for dinner. Root Down is an insane restaurant in Denver-- somewhere--- I have no idea where we were. There are too many damn round abouts in this city! What I do know is that it has an amazing view of the city, some of the best food I have had in a long time and the restaurant is housed in an old automobile service station. Carrot Curry soup was beyond. The cocktails....well...let's start with Apple whiskey...distilled locally, of course, from this place, add honey thyme syrup, lemon juice and black tea and that is about it for me. LOVE! That amazing red wine of last week seems so much less inventive (although I know it is not!) If you are in the Denver area this place is a must...MUST! And if you are wondering what you should wear to said restaurant...or anywhere for that mater-- my luscious ruffle hats finally arrived.

I'll be embellishing this weekend and listing them in the shop late this weekend or early next week. Any specific color combos you'd like to see?

luvluv & inventive cocktails.


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Awww Hey-al.

Yesterday I spent some time thinking about what I would write in my style file post as well as thinking about why on God's green earth can I only manage to get in ONE post a annoyed with myself. Anyway, I thought yesterday was Thursday and although I was irritated with myself for not posting more this week, I thought "hey at least I'll get the Friday Style File done on time" HA! Jokes on me. Ya' see the problem is, we are in the country. We decided to escape the non-fall-like SoCal weather and head on up to my parents place in wine country for a few days since the kids are on fall break. ---Sooooo......I'm a bit behind. I'm on country time I would say. Awww hey-al! We have been so busy gardenin'

and a fishin'
(and yes, even thought she has a very official professional looking fishin' vest on, she will not actually touch the fish she caught...that's uncle Scott's arm.)

and a ridin'

and a pickin'

that I flat out lost track of the days.

Fortunatley I did get around to some sewin'. Country style skirt with loads of gorgeous trim. A perfect match to those workin' boots.

Happy Country Friday.

ps- I know I promised that pumpkin tutorial and I swore to myself that I would get it done last week. But a few things got in the way as life sometimes does....I am heading to Denver this week for a few days to help my MIL decorate her new place so I am hoping hoping hoping to have it posted by next weekend...jsut not sure if it is going to happen! It will get done, just not exactly asure when! Sorry luvs!

Friday, October 1, 2010

If Fall Would Just Get Here....

I'm in the mood for fall but this SoCal weather will not cooperate with me. It has been in the high 90 for the last two days and well over 100 a few days before that. I'm over it! SO in the mood for fall. I have been combing etsy for some fun fall garb, decor and such and thought that for today's Friday Style File post I would pass along to you some of my fave findings.

First up, this TDF Pumpkin Spice Flower Clip from Princy n' Paris. Made by the stunning and oh so sweet Prencie.

Treehouse28 is next. Love love love!! Pants and tops you will absolutely live in. Alix and I did a trade a while back and my kids have been commenting about how often I wear the pants. Must get more! Perfect for if fall would just get here!

Do you die for Le Muse?? I could live in anything from this shop! Anything! Love the look of being all wrapped up, throw on some leggings and cute boots and your cozy for if fall would just get here!


Simone - baking in SoCal.