Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Love Love & Baby Booties.

{Love this.... Thanks to Sasha at Everything Fabulous for the Tuesday Flowers.}

These two are madly in love. Love them!

My brother is one of my all time favorite people. Mandy is right up there too. She is seriously the kindest person I know. And she treats Scott so well. I love seeing him so cared for. He deserves it. And he's pretty great to her too-- and she deserves it right back!
And, well, they deserve to expand their family!!!! I am beyond excited to say that Scott & Mandy are expecting. A few years ago the thought of my brother being a dad was one that made me sad because I never thought he would have children. He is going to be an amazing daddy, Mandy and amazing mommy and I'll be an overbearing Aunt. I am obsessed with the thought of a new little one in our family-- I've flat out gone baby crazy I tell you! Can't wait til' May! And Scott and Mandy, I love you booth so much! We truly could not be happier for two a*mazing people.

luvluv & baby booties!! (The ones above are a pattern available on etsy)


oh and a little ps- Unfortunately the Student Council results were not "favorable" for Liv...as her teacher put it :) BUT- she took it like a champ and is fine with it. She's a winner in my eyes! I'm proud of her! What a great role model she'll be for her cousin- but don't tell her she's going to have a new cousin-- ya' know, if you see her around-- because we haven't told them yet. We're going to let their Aunt and Uncle do it in person next week! Can't wait!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Liv for Fun!

It's conference week in our school district. A time where we sit down with our children's teachers to go over their performance so far and to set goals for the year. It's always a fun time for me. I am fortunate to have two very bright, kind and fun loving girls. They have no issues at school and I feel very fortunate for that. Isn't it so interesting to watch your kids grow into people?? My two are really starting to come together. Their personalities are so different which is amazing, really. I am so proud of both of them for many different reasons.

Before I left for Minneapolis-- really, like the day before-- Olivia comes home and says "I want to run for student council." She hands me a sheet of paper that explains the process. An application, teacher references, a speech, a poster, and parent signature.... All due by Monday. Speech to be given on Tuesday. Usually not a problem but I was literally on my way out of town not returning until Sunday evening! And although she does her work herself, I am usually there to at least guide her. So I just sort of grinned and said have at it sista'.

I returned home on Sunday in a panic of "Did she get it done??" Because when I checked in on it from MN, I was told it was "conceptually done" Yep, love it when Brian freaks me out! I have to say-- This girl is amazing. She totally pulled it all off. Got her motto-- "Liv for fun, Liv for Spirit. Vote for Liv"-- wrote her speech and delivered it like a champ. Driving her to school on Tuesday I asked her if she was nervous to speak in front of the whole school and she says "no mom, I'm totally over that whole public speaking thing. Remember, I won Toastmasters last year. It's no big deal" She is one amazing little chick! I still can't speak to a crowd!

Today though, today was different. {yep, that's a quick shot on the way out the door this morning na smile was hard to come by!} She couldn't even eat her breakfast because it is results day and let me tell you, this gal does NOT like to lose! She was one of 19 kids (4th thru 6th grade) running for 2 Spirit Leader spots so the competition is on! Did I mention she doesn't like to lose? Yeah, not going to be pretty. So please keep your fingers crossed....Liv for Fun!!


Liv by simonehowell

A Friday polyvore all about Liv. My strong willed, loves to dance, motivated, smart, straight A, fashion loving, animal loving, and oh dear, Justin Beiber loving, doesn't like to lose, almost 10 year old. Time is flying by!

{Funny, when I was putting this together I thought to myself I bet she'll is going to stop wearing leather soon and will probably grow up to be a vegetarian...she's so passionate about animals. At least for now I can give her blue cowgirls boots without too many questions!}

Happy Stylish Friday!!

Liv's Proud Mom.

Flowers for the Winner!

A bouquet from the garden... {cooler weather means loads of roses!!}

For the winner......

Jamie said...
wow, what a gorgeous bag! I love the shape.

Congrats Jamie! Thanks, everyone, for visiting and leaving a comment!
Stop by again soon for a fabric pumpkin tutorial.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Creators

I think the best way to breakdown a weekend filled with such talented ladies is to spotlight them a few at a time. First up are the amazing creators of the event. Jo Packham and Nancy Soriano.
Nancy was the editor in chief of Country Living magazine for 10 years and is now a branding consultant among other things. Jo IS the creative industry. She owns her own publishing company and has partnered with Stampington to produce the magazine Where Women Create. To simply list their accomplishments would not do them justice- More than anything, these women ARE inspiration. They are the picture of style and grace and strength (I liken Nancy to Coco Chanel with her craft on!) They managed to put together a weekend full of the best information, the best women entrepreneurs and the best crafts! What I learned from the weekend is invaluable. Believe in yourself, self promote, and just do it! I think it is one thing to have your mom and your friends tell you you are talented, it's a whole new ballgame when the experts are in the house. To be surrounded by women who truly are there to support you, to answer your questions and who really DO want to see you become successful was very refreshing. There is a reason Nancy and Jo lead our industry. (that and the fact that they'll stand together on a tiny table to get their word out) To both of them I say "Thank you!" I now believe anything IS possible. The sky is the limit. The weekend was a huge success. I am booked for next year already!

Wishing you find the same inspiration, even if you didn't get to go.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Promise & A Giveaway!

Sorry to have left you all for so long! 12 days in between posts! Ouch! I promise to never disappear off the face of the earth like that again! I have so much to tell. To say The Creative Connection Event was beyond would honestly not do it justice. The classes were phenomenal, the panel discussions invaluable and the connections made were lifelong. It was amazing. It will take a few different posts to get it all out as I really want to let you all know about the wonderful people I met. So, stay tuned...I promise I'll post something new each day about it.

I think the best way to start this week is to simply say, "I'm back." I have a very long list (as do all of us on any given Monday) but this list has much more breadth to it than the one before I left.

And to make you like me again-- A bag to giveaway! I did a pattern review for the fabulous Sew Mama Sew site and this is the resulting bag. You can read all about the pattern review here. Leave a comment here- anything you'd like to say (although I would love to hear about it if you have been searching for a sewing pattern for something specific but just have not been able to find one.) And if you'd like to follow me on facebook, head on over there, twitter too. There are no extra entries for those this time but I you can get an extra entry for adding my blog to the list of blogs you are following, just follow it and then head back here and leave a comment as such.

I'll keep it open until Thursday and announce it on my Friday Style File post (yeah, the weekly post I so promise and have not not posted the last two weeks, yes, that one-- again, I offer a bag as my apologies) If you visit every day, leave a comment every day, but only one per day please!



Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sparkle and Glitter.

How was your long weekend? It flew by for us...and I can't believe we are already half way through this week. I have a long list of to do and thought I would already be half way through it but I am not! So goes life.... I have been so busy getting ready for THE event I feel like I haven't had much time to blog or sew. I did stay up 'til 3am Monday night re-doing my portfolio on this amazing website. You can check it out here if you care to do so. I lurrrve Blurb! It is so easy and really makes for an impressive book of show and tell.

I have been meaning to head down to the fabric district but it seems like every time I plan on it, something comes up and I don't get to go...hopefully Friday?? {She says with incertitude in her voice} I did make it to one of my favorite flea markets this past weekend and although I didn't find anything for the home shop, I found plenty of sparkle.

And speaking of sparkle, I cannot get enough of this song from Pink. And really-- it is one thing to be able to sing in a studio. Most artists sound so different when singing live. Not this gal-she is beyond. Sometimes I feel like her in this Grammy performance-- spinning circles in mid air....

What's your favorite song right now and how you feel like it relates to your life?



Friday, September 3, 2010

Create Style

Well, since I have no time and a back log of projects, I thought it would be a great idea to waste a little time on polyvore this morning! lol. It' actually not a waste of time at all, really, it creates the basis for a blog post and a little fun eye candy for all of you. Love you guys! Thanks for visiting.

I'm completely obsessed with finding the perfect outfits for THE Event....The Creative Connection. {I hope you don't get bored hearing about this!} So here is a little fall style inspiration a la Poylvore...

Now I really must get something done. I"m doing a pattern review for Sew Mama Sew and am thinking I might do a bag giveaway once the pattern review and bag are done.....stay tuned.



Thursday, September 2, 2010


If I could, I would live in this. If I thought people would not look at me funny when I sauntered into the grocery store or a PTA meeting wearing it, I would never take it off-- neva'! And yes, I'd be wearing it around town with loads of vintage jewelry. It's floor length and really has a Halston feel to it...Makes me feel like Rachel Zoe-- now I just need professional hair and makeup on a daily basis and I'm good to go!

I'm in love! Sewing with knits turned out to be not so hard. I am pretty happy with the way the seams turned out and will most likely be making a few more things for myself in knits.

And darn is it fun simply sewing for myself.

Up next-- a skirt... After a trip downtown tomorrow to find some gorgeous fall fabric-- plaids are in and I'm craving fall. I think once the NFL is on the tele summer seems to be over for me. Too bad it's still above 90 degrees here. I guess I better get back to the sweatshop!