Friday, April 30, 2010

Bohemian Style

I try to love everything simple. I do. I can't tell you how often I walk around thinking, I need to simplify. A house that is minimalist seems like a great idea. But, as I have said before, I am a more is more type of gal. Bohemian at heart. I try, I do, it just never seems to work!
I'm in the process of re-doing our master bedroom- which is no small feat since we have a full living room in there too- no joke! I'm going to be keeping some of the current bedding and replacing some of it. A mic of vintage and modern is in the mix- yes, tell me you're surprised about that one!

Bohemian bedroom
Bohemian bedroom by simonehowell

I threw together a little polyvore for inspiration. What do you think? It sort of looks insane doesn't it? I'll hold my breath and hope it comes together. I'm sure it will. It's me. I try to simplify- but I just can't! And I'm ok with that! After all, what would Gardenhouse bags be if I were??

Have a less than simple weekend!


Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's Deco-fabulous!

Decofabulous is an amazing blog about, well, fabulous decor. Isabel is a marketer by day and a design addict by night. Her blog is loaded with stylish home dec tips and ideas, and delicious photos to inspire us all. So, when I got an email from he asking if she could use some of the images from my house, I was floored. Um, yes! of course you can!

So today, you can see a shot of my black and white photo wall over at decofabulous. Thanks Isabel!! I'm flattered! I mean really-- check out the photos "via beach bungalow- via southern living-via sunset- via gardenhouse" I feel like something doesn't fit! But I'll take it! I'm honored to share blogspace with such amazing inspiration. Gosh, makes me think I should start doing some home dec items....pillows? Lampshades? Or how about the famous patchwork bench that landed me on decor8? What do you think? Would you buy Gardenhouse for the home??

Tell me your deco-fabulous thoughts!


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Here and There

I feel like I'm all over the place right now! And I know this is the story of life with two high maintenance kiddos and a mom who wants it all. At least I have given up on letting it stress me out! It just is what it is, and what gets done- gets done. I was planning on having a few bucket bags in the shop in time for mothers day-- or should I say in time to be shipped and received for mothers day. And I might-- if I don't work in Miss A's class today and don't take the girls to get haircuts and drop the dance class. And If I hadn't spent the entire day yesterday planning for a girl scout meeting and function this weekend and at PTA meetings last night, then yes, I would have those bags done. BUT, I am here and I am there (starting to sound like Dr. Seuss, no?) I am everywhere!

I have managed to make a few new handbags-- and I might have even picked up a new pair of shoes that will match one of them perfectly. (again, on sale at a ridiculous price--those shoes gods do love me!!) Why are those bags not done?? No, I wasn't shoe shopping, I was mom-ing around town!

Do you just die over this brooch?? Me too. Pains me to part with it! But I sacrifice for you. In the shop....



Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hoofin' it.

So busy hoofin' it around yesterday that I didn't get a chance to post my Friday Style File! I hosted a fun dinner for a girlfriend's second annual 39th birthday. My original thought was a big surprise party, but her husband talked me out of that. What we ended up with was an intimate Asian inspired, casual dinner for 6 ladies who really, truly support and care for each other! True friends. Love them!

And if you are wondering what I was hoofin' around in...well, here...

Thank you shoe gods, for pink suede and sale prices.

Worn with an Asian inspire tunic from Tracey Porter. Love her and her fabulous shop! Oh and you might want to check her blog for a fantastic not so secret sale- which ends tonight at midnight so hurry on over!

Remnants of a fun, loud and laughter filled night. Now I must get back to my leisurely breakfast-- left over dessert and coffee. Cheers.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hello cupcake!

I should be in the studio, but instead I am reading blogs- still in my pj's, with no motivation to change because it's so darn cold here! The thought of taking off my Uggs in not appealing! Not sure if you guys follow A Cup of Jo or not- a fabulous blog about style, fashion, New york, living, eating, and bikes, among other things. Well today Jo posted about Ming Thompson "a Harvard Grad with a sweet tooth" She has a website full of the most amazing cupcake recipes. You MUST go check it out!

I mean really? Who DOESN'T want to make Sour Cream Chocolate Cupcakes with Nutella Frosting??!! Gasp! Blueberry, Apricot, Gingerbread, Beet....c'mon now!

And so, to warm up the house, I guess I'll have to turn on the oven ;) Happy baking, lovely ladies!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Speaking & Reading.

I'm running a little late on my Friday post--sorry-- it has been a crazy week here. More family in town, more pattern writing, more kids stuff, you know how it goes!

A photo of what inspires this week--

Some tear sheets from Country living-- I have a dresser that is screaming for this sort of a treatment, and when summer comes around, I'm going for it! It would rock in Miss O's room! It's so her. And do you not love those mailboxes all in a row. I'd be on this in a flash if I thought even outdoor fabric would stand up to our summer sun-- but I don't think it will.

And see that stack of notes cards?? Well, that is Miss O's toastmasters speech. She worked tirelessly on this. A close to 5 minute speech on Amelia Earhart-- at the ripe age of 9. Our school participates in a district wide Toastmasters Competition. All the 3rd and 4th graders write and deliver speeches to their class. A few standouts from each class are chosen to compete against each other for the chance to win a spot and the district level. So- Miss O won for our school and went on yesterday to compete against 15 other 3rd or 4th grade kids that had been chosen from the other district school. She nailed it!! In a room of parents and three judges, she took the mike off the stand and delivered her speech like she was talking to a group of friends... had the whole thing memorized. She is unstoppable! Amazing, that gal! Confidence is stylish, no? I think so!



Monday, April 12, 2010

Bloom where you're planted.

Things are starting to bloom around the Gardenhouse. Roses next week, clutches this week.

How's that for a floral delight?? I've had myself quite a good time over spring break as I'm sure you can see. This brooch is amazing-- a blue peacock!! I've had it in my stash for a long time, not wanting to let it go but it works so amazingly with this bag I had to part with it.

These and others are waiting for you in the shop-- can you hear them calling your name? This giant milk glass brooch-- yes, it is calling you!

What else is blooming? Well thanks for asking! My new lamp--

This vintage Italian tole lamp followed me home from the Rose Bowl flea market yesterday. I SO did not need it-- I have a thing for vintage lamps and already have quite a few-- but it was one of those things that I knew if i didn't buy it, I'd be regretting it for weeks. It has 4 big bulbous hydrangea heads, each with it's own separate lamp....I'm in love! I think it'll work wonderfully on my cutting table...when i find some space. Must get back to work to clear cutting table and move lamp in!


Friday, April 9, 2010

In a picnic state of mind.

Still in a blissful state of mind from that sunny bike ride last weekend and all the extra time I've been spoiled with this week with my parents in town, I can't get thought of a picnic out of my head. Yes, it was 82 here today and the garden is on the verge of a rose explosion, it's all coming together. Spring!! It's so invigorating! I was in yoga class last night {and can you believe that same great guy who rode the tandem last weekend, even came to yoga with me last night?!!? See; bliss!} and the instructor calmly and softly said "find your happy color" Do you know I saw? Blue gingham. Sure did. Tree pose interrupted-- but I didn't care! Can you blame me?

This IS my happy place! Could you not die over this? Me too!! It's in the shop-- yes, hurrry!

And if you'd like a little garden party inspiration to throw in that lovely style file, I've been meddling in things over at polyvore again. {Don't tell my boss!}

spring picnic
spring picnic

Today I will be happier than a bird with a french fry. I'm hoping the same for you.


ps- in the spirit of spring {cleaning} I have marked some items down in the shop. Those fabulous winter hats have been marked down just over 50%!! Now's a great time to buy and stash for Holiday gifts for next year. You CAN"T beat the price! A few of the more wintry style bags have also been marked down. Happy Spring!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Work + Play.

Or should I say play + work?? We had a fabulous Easter weekend. Lots of play, a little work. My parents are visiting-- which always makes for some good laughs and extra free time. We started the weekend off with a trip to the flower market. Hydrangea, Heather and Queen Anne's Lace, Sweet Peas AND Anemone all made it home with us. You can imagine I get a wee bit carried away in a warehouse full of flowers. Then we were off for an extra fun surprise for the girls. New bikes. They had no idea...we told them we were going out for Mexican food to a place called Chubby's- which was really Chubby's Cruisers. They were squealing with excitement when they realized where we were!How cute are they on their new bikes?

Saturday we headed to Ventura to ride the path along the beach. Brian and I rented a tandem, which came in very handy for the ride back. Gosh it's an easy ride! I didn't feel that wind at all! What a guy! A keeper, I think.

I also got quite a bit of work done. Some research I have been wanting to do for a long time as well as those patterns...oh yes, my friends. They are well underway. I have had loads of emails to do a pattern for the jackette. And I will. It's on the list, along with a few other surprises. I'm really excited about them and I think you will be too.


Very soon my loves, very soon!
Back to work!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday. Floral Style.

We're heading to the flower market today. It's one of my favorite places in the world! For this Fridays style file I thought I'd share some floral pieces. Bouquets and bracelets. The centerpieces are all a-la
Cute teacups with Lilly of the valley...Looks like it could have come straight from the pages of the Anthropology catalog.
Peonies and bright blue eggs

A big, over the top arrangement of hydrangea, roses and larkspur

or a ring of white carnations and yellow eggs. Who knew carnations could look so chic?
And who couldn't rock one of these on Easter Sunday-- or any day of the year for that matter.

Tracy from Tied Up Memories incorporates all sorts of vintage goodies in to her pieces.
Head on over to her etsy shop to check them out. I lurrrve them! You?

Have a pretty flower-ie Easter weekend.