Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Gypsy Soul

Girl you know you're a gypsy soul and I'm just a stop along your road.
~Blake Shelton
Don't you just love how Jennifer's fabrics are so versatile? They go from posh English garden to country living at the tip of a hat. She's a gypsy soul too!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Chic. Petite.

A Jackette- you know, small jacket. So lovely--and reversible.... Oh yes, for the girl who loves options!The first in this line is the Russian Tea Room Jackette. On your way out the door for tea with friends in NYC?

One place I was not able to visit in my days in new York was the Russian Tea Room. A college roommate had stories and I always had visions but was never able to go myself. So I thought I head on over to their website and scout out some photos--

What a gorgeous place! Perfect for a floral jackette and taffeta skirt. And will you check out those flowers? It's fate I tell you, that Jeff Latham is waiting for me at the Tea Room for lunch. There is no reference to him on their website but this arrangement is signature Jeff Latham. Are you familiar with his work and his TV show? Flowers Uncut? We'll save that for a separate post. Muscles, bushels of flowers (hydrangea being one of his fave's) and the George V Hotel in Paris. Need I say more for more? {And there is more!} He's a genius. As is the reversible jackette.

Must run! Late for lunch.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Sidetracked Style File Friday

It's the most delicious waste of time, I tell you. I could spend hours there. It's Polyvore. And it's the reason those jackets are not the focus of today's style file. They are finished, oh yes, and they are lovely. BUT-- I couldn't get photos due to allergies, weather, an uncooperative schedule and polyvore. Not to worry, Friday Style File is still fabulous, but it focuses on interior style.

Gardenhouse Dream
Gardenhouse Dream

I am going to be overhauling my studio {The gardenhouse} this summer and am starting to make plans now.

Gardenhouse Dream No.2
Gardenhouse Dream No.2

I wisely used three hours Thursday afternoon (can you believe it?? THREE HOURS) oogling setting plans for my summer project. Gosh I'm so proud of myself for getting ahead start on this. Way to go Simone! Something completed that wasn't even ON my to-do list. That's right, always the over-achiever!

Photos of fabulous jackets. Tomorrow. Weather, model and polyvore willing.

Happy time-wasting.

ps- Keep in mind, this is just inspiration...I won't actually be spending 4 grand on a table for the studio-- Mostly because I am going to be spending the rest of my time collaging on polyvore--instead of working!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

American Honey

How do our girls grow up so fast these days? I don't remember chatting with friends on the phone in third grade. And the weekly drama of she said, he said is way too much-- at the ripe old age of 9. How is one supposed to deal with that? Mean third grade. It's so hard to know what to say because I want to keep her who she is and not allow her to be mean back and I also do not want her to get stepped on or taken advantage of. There is a balance that is so hard to teach.I just want to put her in a bubble-- bare foot, playing in the garden with lace curtains blowing in the breeze. I guess I can at least stage the photos!

This week's Friday Style File brings a little tween inspration. Do you have one? A "tween?" You know the type-- 9 going on 16. Loves peace signs, talks on the phone and cannot get over the fact that it's not her own phone-- And, tragically, is beginning to have an opinion about what she wants to wear. Yep, right there with ya! Last time I took Miss O out to shop, she said "I don't know what it is...I just love peace signs " She then made a b-line for a rack of gag-worthy tee's with peace signs, rhinestones and something that looked like airbrushing? I thought to myself. "Wow, this is pay back. Was I really that bad as a teenager?" (mom, wipe that smile off your face!) We did work it out and only came home with one item I didn't approve of...yes, it included, rhinestones, airbrushing AND a peace sign. All on one piece. But it's just one piece, and it makes her happy. I have to give a little, right? Fortunately, I have come up with a few designs that Miss O loves AND really wants to wear! The cropped jacket above is one of them. It's adjustable and reversible and it can be done two ways...mine and hers.
White Jeans, tank and croc print sandals from The Gap. The hat is from a shop in the UK but Target has some cute ones too. To punch it up and keep it fun, I added a bulky vintage inspired necklace from Betsey Johnson, but you can get a more affordable one at Buckle. The bracelet is from Forever 21.

Substituted the crisp white jeans for leggings and jean shorts (which is for some reason really popular with the girls around here) It actually turned out to look rather cute too. Add the jacket over top and I could deal! I have designed three jackets in this syle. They will be available in the shop at the end of next week and will be featured on next weeks style file
As I head out for a girls weekend in Palm Springs (can you hear the smile in my voice??) I leave you all with this-- a fitting song that reminds me to keep it simple once in a while. Especially when dealing with our sweet girls and drama and life. Simplify....

I know I talk a good game but simplicity is not in my blood. I'm a more is more kinda' gal.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Birds of a Feather.

For your amusement:: {and possibly at my expense}
Last night we were outside and noticed giant birds in the sky and also in our trees...about 6 or 8 of them all with ugly red heads. Once we were able to get a closer look at them we realized that they were California Condors-- giant, amazing birds!! So ugly that they are actually beautiful! And endangered. I did a little research and found that there are only about 90 of them living in the wild in California.

What an honor to have them here, perched atop our huge Eucalyptus trees. We were absolutely amazed at their size and how when they landed in the trees, they would just sort of throw themselves into the branches with their wings open, then settle and gather their wings up.

Since there were quite a few of them last night and 4 of them were still lingering this morning, and since I know that they are endangered, I decided it might be a good idea to call California Fish and Game. So I made a call this morning and explained the situation. The gal I spoke with was super excited. She said it was very unusual and it would be the talk of the office for the day. She then explained she was a marine specialist, but she would have a bird specialist call me back. So, I head out to take the dogs for a walk and await a call back...I'm thinking maybe I should call the local paper, I mean, this is big news right? There are Condors in my backyard!! People need to know that if they see them they should not disturb them, yes?

I received the call from one of the bird biologists who had a few questions, like" do they have tags on them?" Well I don't know, where would the tag be? Would I be able to see the tag if they were sitting in a tree? I apparently could not get close enough to see if there were tags on them....I mean they are Condors...endangered... helllooo lady....need to leave them alone. Although I did sneak around our hill trying to find a good angle to snap a quick photo and managed one or two, I was really trying to be a bit incognito. So she said try to scope them out with binoculars and if I find a tag to call her back. She then said due to the fact that there were 6 or 8 of them, she thought they might be Turkey Vultures, they look very similar to Condors but travel in groups and are more common in our area. I asked if they have the same white on their bodies as Condors and she said yes.

Ummmmm, excuse me? Turkey Vultures...and I was about to call the local paper? No ma'am. I am not the turkey vulture type. Bird of a feather stick together and I am more of an endangered California Condor type.

Funny enough, they all flew off so I never did get to check for tags......but I'm sure they were there ;)



Friday, March 12, 2010

Give me Liberty!

Friday Style File No.2! You've heard the news, right? Liberty of London has collaborated on a line for Target. It's beyond. And it's available in stores as well as online this Sunday.So- Friday's Style File incorporates a little Liberty love and lots of florals, ruffles and rosettes!!! Very Femme.

I'm going trying to incorporate some more affordable pieces into my looks as well. This dress is from H&M- the Garden Collection will be available March 18th. Do you not love it? Me too! The shoes from Betsey Johnson....and the rest is Liberty which can be found here now and here Sunday. I'll be shopping for the black and white floral jumpsuit,

this off the shoulder maxi dress and all that delish dinnerware!

See you at Target on Sunday. I'll be the one with the bells on!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Not amused.

I was outside photo'ing this.....

and I could her our little Bean (our 9 pound Shi-tzu poodle mix) going crazy inside, barking like a mad woman. So I run in to see what on earth was going on and I can hear her running around upstairs. Around the corner and up to the top of the stairs I go and I am greeted with this...

He is not amused. He is Higgins, our 160 pound Newfoundland and he's in the middle of his mid-day nap, for crying out loud! Why on earth does his 9 pound sister not see that? Oh, she does, she just doesn't care! Gosh I love a gal with no fear! The Bean was running all around him, jumping growling barking at him to get up and play. He just could not be bothered other than to give me the look that says "I blame you for this." His brother is a bit smarter...he's outside trying to hide, not an easy feat at 180 pounds.

Just thought you'd enjoy a little peek into my world today. Happy Monday!
ps- Bag and dress are in the shop

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Style File Friday

What do you think? A little weekend inspiration each Friday?? A "what to wear this weekend," if you please. I'm thinking I'd like to make this a weekly post.

This weekend is spring inspired...we'll be doing a little gardening and a little flea marketing. Casual chic is what I'll be working around here. Joe's Jeans-- one thing I don't skimp on is jeans, once you hit the high end, you'll never go back, I swear they will change the way your body (read booty) looks! Dress-- a great place for fun non-staple pieces. Shoes , necklace (don't you just love Stella and Dot?? And Jenn Storey-- LOVE!!) and of course, The Hoodie. Gosh, the only thing missing is a bag.......must get sewing!

Happy relaxing weekend.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

In the hood.

In my 'hood, spring seems to be just around the corner. The days are getting a little longer and everyone looks to be starting their spring gardens. We have taken some time out the past few weekends to start our veggie garden. This year I will be dispersing my veggies in with the flowers. Vegetable beds do not seem to work for us, not sure why. So lettuce and cosmos will be growing side by side I can't wait! Can't you just see me running around the garden in one of these?

They are all pure floral inspiration and so versatile!! I could see them with jeans and a tee or a gorgeous dress. This one...

...screaming "pair me with a tailored, strapless demin dress, black strappy heels and gobs of sparkly vintage jewels around your neck!" Yes, can you hear it calling you?
They're in the shop now.