Monday, February 22, 2010

Daddy's Girls -- lots of them!

Last week was spent planning and executing a Father Daughter Dance at the girls school. Countless hours were spent making sure everything was just right for these three

(Who I adore to no end) and 280 others just like them. I managed to transform the school multi- purpose room into a Parisian Party spot, including a lounge corner, cafe tables and a few chandeliers scattered here and there-- one may have even been 3 feet tall and made of mylar!

A prom-style photo corner with an 8 foot light up Eiffel Tower was a huge hit-- no cheesy props here!

I am exhausted but it was truly worth every minute of hard work. I loved seeing all those dads and girls dancing and creating memories that will not soon be forgotten. This was the first father daughter dance that had been planned at our school and I must say, it was a huge success. Now I just have to figure out how to out-do myself next year. Any suggestions? Now back to my regularly scheduled life.


Monday, February 15, 2010

Do you have those pieces in your closet? The ones you just LIVE in.

Could wear them everyday if it were possible? Me too. This is one of those.

A dress that you could live in. With leggings and boots in the winter and spring or thrown over a bathing suit in the summer for the beach. I am loving this, and am having such fun in the studio just playing with all my vintage laces I have had sitting around for so long. I think I'll incorporate some into the ladies sweatshirts I'll be doing this week. I finally found some "blanks" to use so am going to be listing those hopefully by the end of the week.
It is going to be a fun and crazy week for me. I have been planning the father daughter dance at the girls school. Yes, my team of me, myself and I have been making all the arrangements and doing all the decorations. Paris theme...are you surprised?? Lol. And I don't have that gene in me that says "balloons are enough." Nope. Not me! I did have one fantastic dad volunteer to make an Eiffel tower. it is 7 feet tall and lights up! Love that! But other than that, the decor is all me. Thankful to have someone else doing the food or I would be a basket case! I am so excited to be doing this for all the girls and dads at our school. It's going to be great fun. The girls are beside themselves with excitement. Pink and purple dresses are ready to, I didn't make them. Neither of them wanted me to. But that's ok. It's their night to have fun with their dad....I just hope they don't mind the sign on their backs that say "My mom did not pick this dress out!" And they are not dresses that they will live in....
Hurry on over to the shop to grab one of these beauties....they're the only ones I'll be doing.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Vogue Girls

Miss O, Miss A , Jennifer and Carla--- THEY all know how to work it. Miss A is channeling some serious Tory Burch-esque beach chic. Yes, Rachel Zoe, could have put this together...but she didn't

Jennifer Paganelli is a fabric genius-- honestly, ya'll. Not only is she insanely talented, she is a complete darling. A gal who really does mean all the nice things she says. And her fabric, well, Sis Boom sells--Full. Stop. Every line she does is simply irresistible. So you can imagine how ecstatic I was when she asked if I would photograph the girls for her new pattern. First off, to be asked to photograph something for anyone was so flattering and then the anticipation of the goods, well, just too much! When the goods showed up -- a box of devine morsels that I did not have to sew myself...OMG! What a treat.

The girls LOVE these pieces...LOVE them! I am sure the pattern is very well written because Miss Carla Crim is a Vogue girl too! She is the BEST at what she does. Her patterns are smart! If you are a beginner sewist, pick up her patterns-- all of them. They will teach you how to sew properly! Well written and perfectly fit. Strike a pose Miss Carla!
I will be offering tops and dresses from this pattern in my shop. It is the quintessential summer dress. Miss A even wore her top to school yesterday with a long sleeved tee underneath and it looked adorable. If you'd like to be first in line for a custom, just shoot me an email, pronto! I'm ready to go!
Hip. Happy. Dresses.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Delicious Playful Mess!

is what you will find in my studio right now. I have been on a sort of go-with-the- flow, anywhere-the-wind-takes-you kick and am really enjoying it. I pulled out loads of my vintage lace, bark cloth and all sorts and started doing some one of a kind pieces, just for fun.

I felt like after the holidays, I should try to take January to recharge a bit and have some fun in the flash-- it's February and I'm still twirling circles in there!

This will be it for a while. I do have a few more hoodies that I'm going to finish up but after that, it's down to the nitty gritty-- those patterns WILL GET DONE! Sad part about it is, they have already been written (some time ago actually) I just need to edit and contact testers-- it silly really-- What in the world am I waiting on? Just a new step I guess. I'm taking it! Anyway, enjoy what the wind blew in-- head to the shop quickly because this is it. Wrap tops today (gorgeous, lush, organic cotton wrap tops-- made by velvet brand-- you will NOT want to take this off, I promise you.) and t-shirt dresses tomorrow. So stay tuned.