Friday, December 17, 2010

Wrap it up!

Stylish gift wrap for this Friday's style file. So many options-- Now I know why it takes so long to wrap gifts! To me the packaging is just as important as the gift. I was wrapping today and was laughing at myself running around the house and studio to all my stash spots-- sort of like I was making a bag. Inspiration for your holiday wrappings a la' InStyle Mag.
Who doesn't love modern bows? I could see these on an entry table as Christmas decor.

And I love love love these as I am no a huge fan of gift tags, or those hideous stickers. Yuck! Monograms are perfect and so easy-- head to your local craft jaunt and pick up some glittered Stickers or chip board letters....or even plain chipboard letters and glitter them yourself! I'll be doing that tomorrow!

And well, I don't need to say much about these, gorgeous colors and flowers...No, not at up my ally!

Add a vintage brooch to any of these and that's what you'll see under my tree. Enjoy the packaging as much as the gift this year. And if you are wondering what is on my wish list....the perfect rose gold watch (which I am still searching for) Tory Burch slippers (which I have decided I absolutely cannot live without,) quality time with my hubby and the perfect vintage chandelier to fall from the sky at the most reasonable price possible. Is that too much to ask?It might be as my absolute favorite flea market is this weekend and it going to be rained out.

luvluv and pretty boxes full of what you love.



annechovie said...

What perfect wrapping inspiration, Simone! Love these. Merry Christmas! xx

Amy Hodge said...

Can I hire you to come to my house to make chocolate bark candy and wrap my presents?:) Merry Christmas Simone!

Mande said...

Love the romantic and modern bow wrapping photos. Like you I am not a fan of the hideous holiday sticker on a package. Bet your gifts look amazing this year! Hope you and your family have a merry Christmas! xoxoxo