Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Well hello there doll! As you can see I took a little blogging hiatus, not even a Friday Style file to be found! I needed a break, and honestly I did a mostly handmade Christmas for family this year so I was buried with sewing for that, as well as finishing up the last of my Christmas orders, add to that 12 inches of rain in 5 days and once again a flooding backyard and overflowing pool, plus a hubby with the flu and well, yes, a break was necessary. Oh and speaking of break, did I mention I broke my toe-- not joking-- but at least that was the day after Christmas and after most of the aforementioned chaos. So anyway, the break was necessary and very nice.

We spent Christmas with family up at my parents house. It is always such a treat to be up there. Good food, good wine and great company. And can you believe I didn't bring my sewing machine this time?? I finished up a tunic for my MIL before we left as well as a a patchwork skirt for my mom, and shoes for my nieces (yes, baby shoes!! To go with these shirts, because the shirts are available in this shop, but Jessica's gorgeous shoes are a hot commodity and hard to get, and I don't plan THAT far in advance! I'll blog about that another day)

What I did do is loads of hand sewing for a little bump... fabric rosettes hand sewn onto a gorgeous pink polka dot blanket in the shape of an "A"

The blanket turned out amazing!! But I am more obsessed with this bump and the mama who is carrying her. Ava will be joining us tangibly at the end of March, but none of us can seem to get enough of her already!

How gorgeous is Mandy? It comes from within, I tell you. Never. Ever have I met anyone with her spirit. Mandy had a less than enjoyable childhood.... to put it mildly. No one should have to experience the things she did, especially not a child. It amazes me how much love and kindness she has in her heart. More than anyone else I know. She can find the good in anyone and anything and I am so honored that I get to share her love and joy and her compassion and amazing outlook on life. She already is the best mama I know!

To spend Christmas with Mandy reminded me of what the holiday is all about. I hope you all were able to take some time to remember the Spirit of Christmas.


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Mande said...

Love to you and your family! We all had the flu glad that is finally passing this house.
Your friends baby bump is beautiful and the blanket you made is so sweet.

Cheers to a blessed and beautiful 2011 my beautiful friend. Hugs to you!!