Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Rukkus amokuss!

Oh MY! It's been a comical few days around here! Tuesday the girls and I were getting out of the car after school, catching up on the day just a little la-tee-dah.............. and BEEEEEEPPPPPP.

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My horn starts blaring. I figured I must have set off the alarm or something so I'm frantic in the car pushing buttons-- when that didn't work I gave the horn a few good bangs. Nope. nada, my friends. The horn is stuck....just blaring non stop. The girls have already bolted in to the house on me so I follow suit. No idea what to do. Half laughing, half crying (due to the fact that my car was just in the shop twice in the last two months to the tune of 2000 smackers...and it's not an old car!) A frantic call to the dealership yields this "Do you have a neighbor that could help you" and "You'll just have to unhook the horn" Ah yeah, I'll get right on that! Unhook the horn...."what does the horn look like?" I ask. The response is "oh, you'll know where the horn is when you open the hood." Yeah. NO! I go back outside to find neighbors on the next street over outside looking around...wondering what the heck is going on. My genius idea is to just bang the hell out of the steering wheel...and it miraculously turns off. Whew.

So I figured I must have accidentally hit the horn in a funny way while I was getting out of the car.... it must have just jammed. Until...I was going around a corner yesterday-- on a main road-- and BEEEEEEPPP the horn starts blaring again. Oh My! People are looking at me like I'm crazy!! I do use my horn...a lot....It's the New York in me. But not an unending blaring honk like that. People must have thought there was some sort of an emergency as one person even pulled over for me. I was dying-- not the laughing kind of dying either! I finally turned onto a side street and was able to bang the heck out of the steering wheel until it turned off again. The went straight to the dealership.

My girlfriend almost wet their pants when i told them about this. Do you think someone is trying to tell me I honk too much? Can't wait til that damn horn is fixed!

luvluv. And happy honkin' holidays!


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