Monday, December 20, 2010


A little post office mix up sent two packages back to my front door this Saturday instead of to the recipients. Apparently when the postage stickers were printed by my friendly post office gal, she accidentally put the wrong ones on each of the packages. Both were returned for incorrect postage. Which meant-- I had to head back to the post office today. NO ONE in their right mind wants to go to the post office this close to Christmas -- ohhhhh hold on-- blog post getting interrupted. Just got an invitation to a fashion show being held "down stairs. Right now" be back shortly--
Ok where was I? Oh yes. The post office....the first post office. I usually got to a smaller annex office just around the corner. It's normally a quick trip- park in front of the store and head straight to the counter. Today was insanity. We could hardly find a parking spot in a lot full of incompetent drivers--of course! The girls even asked if we were just driving in circles! So I finally find a spot and go in to find a line literally to the back of the store. Out the door we go. Since we already had to go across town for another errand I figured the main post office would be much easier as they have those automatic kiosks. It took us a half hour to get there. I tell you people around here cannot drive!! And remember my horn debacle?? Well I have not had the time to take my car in to get it fixed so I have no horn. None! Nothing to communicate with those nut jobs who have no idea how to drive!! I had a brilliant idea after leaving the post office-- I need to get an air horn for the time being! That way, I can just wind down the window stick my pretty little arm out and let them know in with not so subtle blast that they need to attend Simone's School of Fabulous Driving. (It should be my second job, I know. Along with re-routing the traffic flow in our town. I"m a genius behind the wheel!)

And since I am on the problem solving bandwagon, remember this post? I've solved that problem too. A marshmallow gun!! When the kids act up, I'm jut going to shoot them with marshmallows!! I'm pretty sure that'll distract them and they won't be able to resist eating them so they'll stop whining, complaining or tattling...or whatever it is that they are so unpleasantly doing at the time.
So there you have it-- Two items to add to the list of essentials for world peace-- and a lace cardigan because you have to be chic when you're handing out whoop-a**. Just doing my part! Happy holidays!

luvluv & rebel chic


Mande said...

Love you Simone!!! Wish we lived closer!! Hope you have a Merry Christmas!! xoxox

annechovie said...

I share your post office seems there's no way to get around it this time of year. Thank God I now have all of my orders out and I'm home free. Have a very Merry Christmas, Simone! xo