Saturday, December 11, 2010

Bah Humbug.

I know I missed my style file post yesterday. Brian surprised me Thursday night with this "I took tomorrow off. Do you want to hit the outlets?" Uuuuuuuh. Who are you and what have you done with my husband?!? lol. Love it when my guy surprises me like that. We had a great day shopping. I scored a few things for myself including some Seven for all Mankind boyfriend skinnies for 48 bucks. Love me a good deal!

Yesterday was fab. Today was a whole different story. The girls woke up with major attitude...never fun. One of them had a mega-meltdown which left me heading out the door at 11am in tears. It left me reeling. Questioning every move I have ever made as a parent. I spent a good few hours sort of droning around town without getting much done other than thinking about the direction of my life, my family, and my business. I still have zero clarity.

I returned home to a clean house and two girls who had had a very good sit down chat with their dad. They had lists of what I do for them and how they are thankful for it. And also lists of what they are going to do to be more helpful around the house, to get along better and on and on. I was still in such a bad mood that I think I only half listened to it. How horrible is that?? I just kept thinking to myself. "Yep, I've heard all of this before." I know. They are young. And it is my responsibility to teach them how to get along, how to contribute and how to be good people. And I bet if you ask anyone who knows them well, they will tell you that they are amazing little girls. Sweet, kind and very well behaved. They are. Most of the time. Always kind caring and considerate- to everyone else. To me, today, not so much. I'm just spent. And now it's 9pm and I am still in my funk. I've been sitting at the computer for almost an hour, wanting to do a stylish upbeat blog post-- the one I missed yesterday-- but I just don't have it in me. I did spend a half hour looking for new books (I always treat myself at Christmas time)--


Necessities by simonehowell featuring sheer shorts

And another half hour enjoying polyvore. Red wine, chocolate, jammies, red wine, good books, red wine and faux fur throws. Did I mention red wine? And chocolate? That should do the trick.

Maybe the grinch will bring some of those books for me! Santa is not stopping here :)

I think I should just go to bed. Tomorrow is a new day- hopefully a new attitude will come with it.

luvluv. chocolate and wine.


Tabitha O. said...

Must have been in the air yesterday because I even put the 12yo in time out she was so well 12 and the 10yo don't get me started lets just say fuse blown after I asked her to do something and was told NO. Boundaries tested, fuse blown, apologies and another day of AHEM getting up at 430 AM to get to a swim meet, for my benefit of course....thinking the same thoughts as you questioning everything I have ever done for them OI!

Marnie said...

OH Simone, I feel your PAIN. Having a 17 year old and 14 year old (girls) it can be so hard. Just this morning I said, and why did I have kids?? It seems these days I am just knocked over by attitude, selfishness, and just down right mean girls. And my girls are good girls, sweet most of the time and I am what I think a good mommy to them. Yet I am still in shock over how they can treat ME, the one who teaches them how to be kind, do the right thing, etc. The one who loves them the most. About a month ago my 14 year old, with great anger in her voice, told me she hated me. Hated me!!??? Parenting can be so had and I will not get used to or understand the attitude that is thrown my way. I think it is God's way of getting us ready for them to leave home and go off to college. As I NEVER could have imagined that I would be OK with one of my kids EVER leaving my side. I hear it gets better, but I think we both have a few years left. Hang in there and know I truly feel your pain!