Friday, November 19, 2010

Soiree or Day

I am not often impressed with myself. I make something and think, "yeah, it looks great" but I am not often in awe of something I have made. Last night I finished a new bag design and literally ran in the house to show the big B...won't say whether he was awake or not. {But it was rather late, in his defense!} Oh you would like to see what was so affecting...

Yes, that is red leather,on the bottom and the ruffle {drool} yes that is Anna Maria's new fabric, Amy's fabric and some stunning leopard print velvet. Yes. Yes. Yes. I am dazzled. Proud.

Such a versatile bag I could see it for soiree or day. Today I wore the outfit on the right in the polyvore {do you love those brown suede Carlos shoes??love!} but couldn't carry the bag. It is on it's way to the Big Apple.
I was bummed to have to send the bag off to New York....but again not too much-- I'll be making more-- listed in the shop-- and keeping one for myself as well. Until the leopard velvet runs out-- although I will try to score some more-- I have a friend that designs fabric for Ralph Lauren. She sent this a while back and I have been saving it for something special! Paired with the red leather...oh my!

Me loves! You loves?
Happy Stylish Friday.



Mande said...


Prencie said...

OH MY! is right!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!! Gorgeous Simone!!!! Still haven't ordered my dress!!! Ahhhh! I've been so busy I haven't even had time to figure it out!

Amy Hodge said...

That is GORGEOUS! Perfect leopard! I think I need one...or two:)

Lynelle Slade said...

I love so much I bought it!

M Hans said...

Fabulous! And I know the sentiment. I designed a bag in my head last week, cranked it out in a couple of hours because I was dying to see it made and promptly "wore" it out on the town. I haven't even had the chance to photograph it yet. Don't you just love what we do?!