Thursday, November 18, 2010

On London & Lounging.

It seems my obsessions have moved from Paris, now back to my "home turf," The UK. Take a tour of some of London's neighborhood in the shop.

Battersea. Home to hoards of trendy young things, Battersea is the place to go for fun and funky surroundings just outside of central London. And if you go, be sure you're wearing your Gardenhouse lounge set!

Westminster. Such a patriotic place that the National colors of red white and blue are fitting.
Civil servants and politicians abound in the vicinity. A bountiful Big Ben strikes out the hour, loud enough to wake the old kings and queens from their tombs in Westminster Abbey.

And Bloomsbury. Bloomsbury is London's literary capital and home to the British Museum. You'd be right at home in Blackwatch plaid.

Cheerio. It's time for elevenses...which per my Queen's English Knowledge Cards means "a break for coffee or light refreshments at 11am. "Isn't it time for elevenses?" is usually said whilst looking at one's watch, possibly in conjunction with the statement that one is feeling a trifle 'peckish'" I know it's not 11am....I wish! But it is time for a break!



annechovie said...

Very stylish, indeed, Simone! Have a great wknd!

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