Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mary Mary Why ya' buggin?

Two things are making a comeback in my world this week. Bloody Mary and Cat's Cradle! Both are things from my childhood. Olivia's friend so kindly told her about Bloody Mary-- thank to an older sister who has fun with this sort of stuff. Apparently the fable now goes if you say her name in a dark bathroom and then flush the toilet she'll tickle you. Some of her friends have even been tickled.....um-hm. Needless to say we are now sleeping with more lights on, which is an improvement from last week where we had three in our bed! So help me when they discover "Light as a feather, Stiff as a board" or heaven forbid the Ouija!!! eeeee.eeee.eeee!

Mary Mary, originally uploaded by gardenhouse.

Fortunately we also have Cats Cradle making a comeback! Remember the string game? I couldn't believe that I actually remembered it! All but that really crazy one where you have to grab one of three twisted strings....I told Miss A we'll have to google it to figure it out. How on earth did we get by when we were kids?? I think I'll teach them Chinese jump rope this week! I remember playing that for hours!!

Hope you are having a wonderful start to November-- and leaving all the end of October hauntings behind!



Sweet Baby Jamie said...

I remember my sister telling me about Bloody Mary. She was my OLDER sister of course!! Ummm....it wasn't tickling she told me, it was a little more gruesome!!! Hopefully all will be well, and you'll be able to sleep next week :)

My Big Fat Bloody Mary said...

I found the definitive answer to the mystery and legend of Bloody Mary: http://www.mybigfatbloodymary.com/Bloody-Mary-Legend.html