Friday, November 5, 2010

The List and The Brit.

Too much to do and not enough time! As usual! Story of my life...and I'm sure yours too. I have been totally unfocused this week and now it is Friday and I am irritated that my list is not any shorter. I have been completely sidetracked by the thought of re-doing some of our decor. It's time!

Keep Calm & Fake a British Accent

Keep Calm & Fake a British Accent by simonehowell on

As I was putting this together I kept thinking about how one of my good friends always laughs when we are shopping because I lurrrve anything floral. She always says "You are so British. It is just in your blood" and she's right. I am British-- I.heart.floral. Can you tell?

You can take the girl out of England but you can't take the England out of the girl!

Keep calm and fake a British accent.

Happy British Style Friday!



Prencie said...

OMG! LOVE everything about this Polyvore combo!!!!! I wanna wrap myself up in those fabrics!!! {or are those wallpaper??}

Mande said...

I heart the chandelier......want it!! Always look forward to your Polyvore posts. Happy weekend Simone!! xo

Ruth said...

I must be British too ;)))