Monday, November 1, 2010

The last.

The last of the single digit days are here. I sat down to take a look at these photos today and just could not believe that this is my child! My baby! Where has the time gone?? She will be 10 this month. TEN!!! Ten. Ten. This is the first of many double digit birthdays! The single digit days are are the days of hiring princesses for parties (some good does come of them getting older!)

Miss O is sporting the first in the line of weekend wear. She was more than happy to slip into this after a long weekend of Halloween parties, late nights and sleepovers.Three more designs are coming. All can be made in any size you'd like! She is really into the off the shoulder sweatshirts right now-- I'm sure this stems from dance class! You can order a rounded collar or even a zip up hoodie in any of the fabrics. Check the shop for all the details.

The last of your days of schlepping the kids to get pastries in a parade of gaudy pj's is here as well. Lounge about in style....Gardenhouse Style!

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