Friday, October 29, 2010

& Saturday morning too...

Since the weather has dropped a bit cooler the girls have been in lounge mode on the weekends, sometimes not even getting dressed until noon...and even then it's a struggle to get them motivated. Last weekend we had a gaggle of girls here for a sleepover and I took them out for donuts in the morning (nothin' like starting the day off with a 600 calorie breakfast to get them all amped up for the day!) Anyway, they didn't want to change so I let them go in their pj's. It was not a pretty sight. A bit of a motley crew-- at least they brushed their hair and teeth before we left the house! So this spurred me to consider lounge wear.

The type that not only your kiddos, but you as well will be able to wear out of the house and not have to put a hat on to hide under. Think flannel and lace- lots of lace. Vintage and Chic-- they'll be listed in the shop early next week.

You'll be the envy of the donut shop-- even in your pj's!

Happpy Stylish Friday(& Saturday morning too!)

luvluv & lounging.


Prencie said...

CUTE!!! Can't wait to see them!!:)Dying over here! Trying to picture a parade of gals in their Pjs!! LOL!!

Mande said...

LOVE! Your sneak peak is pretty fab girl!! xo