Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Quick Sparkly Halloween Craft.

I have to admit I am the official Halloween Scrooge.... Not a fan. It's such a silly holiday and most of the decorations are ugly. Sometimes I feel sorta bad for my kids. We usually carve pumpkins the day before and throw a few lanterns and skulls outside and call it a day, yes, the day of! Lucky for them, I make up for it at Christmas!

So-- i am sort of proud of myself for doing a Halloween craft with the girls over the weekend. And it was one I rather enjoyed. Sparkly spider rings. SO simple and super affordable.

Here's what ya' need.....
White glue that dries clear
A paint brush
Glitter (YAY glitter!!) I used superfine glitter and found it at Joann's.
Spider rings
Paper plates

Here's what ya' do--
Water the glue down just a bit if you are using tacky glue. Pour glitter out into little piles on paper plates. Paint the glue onto the spiders body and legs then dip the spider into the glitter. SO EASY! We went a little crazy and dipped the tips of the legs in one color and then the bodies in another (yes, we live on the edge around here!!) They look like spiders with painted nails! LOVE!

When they were dry, I popped them on to of a little faux spider web and I wrapped them in little cellophane bags with black and orange ribbons. Cute, quick, affordable craft....one that even the Halloween Scrooge likes!

Happy Halloween week!



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Amy Hodge said...

Good idea...think I will steal that one from ya!