Friday, October 1, 2010

If Fall Would Just Get Here....

I'm in the mood for fall but this SoCal weather will not cooperate with me. It has been in the high 90 for the last two days and well over 100 a few days before that. I'm over it! SO in the mood for fall. I have been combing etsy for some fun fall garb, decor and such and thought that for today's Friday Style File post I would pass along to you some of my fave findings.

First up, this TDF Pumpkin Spice Flower Clip from Princy n' Paris. Made by the stunning and oh so sweet Prencie.

Treehouse28 is next. Love love love!! Pants and tops you will absolutely live in. Alix and I did a trade a while back and my kids have been commenting about how often I wear the pants. Must get more! Perfect for if fall would just get here!

Do you die for Le Muse?? I could live in anything from this shop! Anything! Love the look of being all wrapped up, throw on some leggings and cute boots and your cozy for if fall would just get here!


Simone - baking in SoCal.


Mande said...

Love this post! Love it!! xo

Amy said...

NorCal isn't cooperating much either, darn weather!! :( Love that sweater at the bottom, so cozy! And Prencie's stuff is always so cute! xoxo

Sweet Baby Jamie said...

I too am so sick of this weather!! I sooooooo am ready for Fall!

Prencie said...

YAY!! THANK YOU for featuring my clip!!:) What a way to make my day!!:) Floating on air right now!!:)
Thanks Amy!:) I totally agree, FALL hurry up and get here!! We've been talking aboutcha forever already! (fall that is;)
Now to go and check out these other shops!:)