Friday, October 22, 2010

Harvest Pumpkin Tutorial

It's finished! It's finished It's finished! I sat down at the computer this morning at 9am to get this done. It is now 5:23. no joke. There have been a few fits and spurts along the way and I have no idea why it took so darn long but whatevs-- It's here for you! The Harvest Pumpkin Tutorial. Click on the link and it should launch you into the PDF. I'll sit down for a another 6 hours to figure out how to get this bad boy onto a button on the side of my blog- it's just not going to happen right now!

I think you'll find it rather easy to make, and completely addictive. I love love love embellishing these. Such fun! I sat down to make just one and we can see how that turned out....

The tutorial is in a PDF file so you can print it. It is heavy on the photos so I didn't want to just pop it on my blog. I guess it's really a free PDF pattern. please let me know if you find any errors or if there is anything I can clear up or improve upon. I can always edit it-- I mean who wouldn't want to sit back down at the computer after being here for 7 hours already. (see I had to take a few breaks or the kids would not have gotten their homework at school. Nor would they have been picked up from school, fed or dropped off at dance class .whew.) So yeah, let me know if you like it!

It's been a rough week here, to tell you the truth. We have a sick newfie- stomach upset that just won't go away. Been to the vet twice-- subcutaneous fluids, shots, pills, you name it. Not sure what is going on. They can't figure out what it is-- so we're probably heading back tomorrow for blood work and x-rays. No fun, that's for sure. Compound that with rain- and thunderstorms and two kids who have only experienced thunderstorms once and it will make for a a few sleepless nights with kiddos piled in the bed and restless dogs in the house. And on top of it all Mr. H was out of town for a few nights so I was flying solo. So-- I am taking a break this weekend. Hopefully will finish putting the studio back together and thinking I'll make something for myself or the girls. I need a fun, relaxing weekend. I feel like it's been non-stop for weeks.
Style file Saturday?? It's just not going to happen today-- although those pumpkins sure would infuse some style into your fall decor!

I'm off to pop the bacon mac n' cheese in the oven (I need comfort food) and to pour myself a glass of wine-- or three.

Happy Weekend.



Prencie said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!! HOW FREAKIN ADORABLE are these!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SOOOOO making some....or going to attempt to!!! Thank you for sharing!!!HUGS!:)

Sweet Baby Jamie said...

Those are adorable!! Thanks for doing that pdf, wow! It's a lot of work!! Great pics. So sorry to hear about your doggie :( My sweet Clover tangled with a black widow once, had her in doggie i.c.u. for two days!! Have a FABULOUS Saturday!!!