Monday, October 25, 2010

Gardez le rythme.

row of umbrellas., originally uploaded by indierocket.

A fabulous photo to inspire you on this windy, rainy, fallish Monday {from indierocket a la flickr}

And a song, one that I will be listening to over and over in the studio this week. It's a bit of organized chaos & I'm obsessed... The whole album is amazing.

I have big plans for the week. A long to do list. Gardez le rythme! {that's as close to "get your groove on" as could get!}

Happy Monday!

luvluv unbrellas and groove.


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Lizzy House said...

Camille is one of my very very favorite artists. I have loved her for several years... and 2 years ago I was in a train station in France the day after Christmas and this song came on the radio. It was magical to hear something on the radio that no one at home knew, but everyone there did. It's like I was in on a secret