Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bundles of Love.

Emily Anderson is a gorgeous mama to 3 boys and a little lady. I am always amazed by women like Emily who seem to juggle it all-- with FOUR kids-- and do it successfully-- I can barely hold it together with my two! Her blog is chock full of amazing photographs (as you would expect from a pro!) and musings about life with four absolutely gorgeous children as well as their quest to adopt a little girl from Ethiopia.

She is currently hosting a raffle style giveaway with some amazing Gardenhouse loot. The funds raised will be used to help bring the little girl who has captured their hearts to join their family for life. Can you imagine feeling like this baby is meant to be a part of your family, and knowing that she is not here yet. Looking at photos and feeling that tugging on your heart strings but not being able to hold this child, this child that you know is yours......thousands of miles away. I can't... Just can't.

So what's in it for you, you ask?? One of those black ruffled hats-- that many of you missed out's in there. As well as a tote in one of the new fall off the press... really! Amy Buter and Paula Prass fabrics-- me lurrrves! Not even available in the shop yet! So head on over to Emily's blog to buy raffle tickets for the Share the Love Accessories bundle. Official rules are on her blog. Raffle on for a worthy cause ladies!

luvluv and total chaos with (only) two kids!


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Mande said...

LOVE Emily and LOVE you Simone!!! Cannot wait for them to bring Elisabeth home. xoxoxo