Saturday, October 9, 2010

Awww Hey-al.

Yesterday I spent some time thinking about what I would write in my style file post as well as thinking about why on God's green earth can I only manage to get in ONE post a annoyed with myself. Anyway, I thought yesterday was Thursday and although I was irritated with myself for not posting more this week, I thought "hey at least I'll get the Friday Style File done on time" HA! Jokes on me. Ya' see the problem is, we are in the country. We decided to escape the non-fall-like SoCal weather and head on up to my parents place in wine country for a few days since the kids are on fall break. ---Sooooo......I'm a bit behind. I'm on country time I would say. Awww hey-al! We have been so busy gardenin'

and a fishin'
(and yes, even thought she has a very official professional looking fishin' vest on, she will not actually touch the fish she caught...that's uncle Scott's arm.)

and a ridin'

and a pickin'

that I flat out lost track of the days.

Fortunatley I did get around to some sewin'. Country style skirt with loads of gorgeous trim. A perfect match to those workin' boots.

Happy Country Friday.

ps- I know I promised that pumpkin tutorial and I swore to myself that I would get it done last week. But a few things got in the way as life sometimes does....I am heading to Denver this week for a few days to help my MIL decorate her new place so I am hoping hoping hoping to have it posted by next weekend...jsut not sure if it is going to happen! It will get done, just not exactly asure when! Sorry luvs!


Ruth said...

Hand over the skirt sister and no one will get hurt!!!!!!!!!!!!
LOL.... want one too!!!

Mande said...
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Mande said...

Love this post!! Hope you enjoy every second of the country and internet free days. I have my beautiful pumpkin on the mantle and it was a huge hit at a party I hosted today. xo

Marilyn W said...

Please do a tutorial for this skirt. It is fantastic!!!