Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Love Love & Baby Booties.

{Love this.... Thanks to Sasha at Everything Fabulous for the Tuesday Flowers.}

These two are madly in love. Love them!

My brother is one of my all time favorite people. Mandy is right up there too. She is seriously the kindest person I know. And she treats Scott so well. I love seeing him so cared for. He deserves it. And he's pretty great to her too-- and she deserves it right back!
And, well, they deserve to expand their family!!!! I am beyond excited to say that Scott & Mandy are expecting. A few years ago the thought of my brother being a dad was one that made me sad because I never thought he would have children. He is going to be an amazing daddy, Mandy and amazing mommy and I'll be an overbearing Aunt. I am obsessed with the thought of a new little one in our family-- I've flat out gone baby crazy I tell you! Can't wait til' May! And Scott and Mandy, I love you booth so much! We truly could not be happier for two a*mazing people.

luvluv & baby booties!! (The ones above are a pattern available on etsy)


oh and a little ps- Unfortunately the Student Council results were not "favorable" for Liv...as her teacher put it :) BUT- she took it like a champ and is fine with it. She's a winner in my eyes! I'm proud of her! What a great role model she'll be for her cousin- but don't tell her she's going to have a new cousin-- ya' know, if you see her around-- because we haven't told them yet. We're going to let their Aunt and Uncle do it in person next week! Can't wait!

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