Friday, September 24, 2010

Liv for Fun!

It's conference week in our school district. A time where we sit down with our children's teachers to go over their performance so far and to set goals for the year. It's always a fun time for me. I am fortunate to have two very bright, kind and fun loving girls. They have no issues at school and I feel very fortunate for that. Isn't it so interesting to watch your kids grow into people?? My two are really starting to come together. Their personalities are so different which is amazing, really. I am so proud of both of them for many different reasons.

Before I left for Minneapolis-- really, like the day before-- Olivia comes home and says "I want to run for student council." She hands me a sheet of paper that explains the process. An application, teacher references, a speech, a poster, and parent signature.... All due by Monday. Speech to be given on Tuesday. Usually not a problem but I was literally on my way out of town not returning until Sunday evening! And although she does her work herself, I am usually there to at least guide her. So I just sort of grinned and said have at it sista'.

I returned home on Sunday in a panic of "Did she get it done??" Because when I checked in on it from MN, I was told it was "conceptually done" Yep, love it when Brian freaks me out! I have to say-- This girl is amazing. She totally pulled it all off. Got her motto-- "Liv for fun, Liv for Spirit. Vote for Liv"-- wrote her speech and delivered it like a champ. Driving her to school on Tuesday I asked her if she was nervous to speak in front of the whole school and she says "no mom, I'm totally over that whole public speaking thing. Remember, I won Toastmasters last year. It's no big deal" She is one amazing little chick! I still can't speak to a crowd!

Today though, today was different. {yep, that's a quick shot on the way out the door this morning na smile was hard to come by!} She couldn't even eat her breakfast because it is results day and let me tell you, this gal does NOT like to lose! She was one of 19 kids (4th thru 6th grade) running for 2 Spirit Leader spots so the competition is on! Did I mention she doesn't like to lose? Yeah, not going to be pretty. So please keep your fingers crossed....Liv for Fun!!


Liv by simonehowell

A Friday polyvore all about Liv. My strong willed, loves to dance, motivated, smart, straight A, fashion loving, animal loving, and oh dear, Justin Beiber loving, doesn't like to lose, almost 10 year old. Time is flying by!

{Funny, when I was putting this together I thought to myself I bet she'll is going to stop wearing leather soon and will probably grow up to be a vegetarian...she's so passionate about animals. At least for now I can give her blue cowgirls boots without too many questions!}

Happy Stylish Friday!!

Liv's Proud Mom.


Mande said...

Awww! Love her! Fabulous motto too!! Keeping my fingers crossed she received good news. xoxo

Amy said...

This is so cute! I love it. And that rose is Evelyn, is it not? That's my fave rose and one of the reasons I gave my daughter that name. xoxo

corine said...

Ah i can relate. My 10 year old ran for school president and lost. I felt terrible for him but in the end i reasoned that learning to cope with failure might as well start at some point for him...

Your blog is lovely. I particularly like your header, all that delicious color.. Yum!