Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Knit & Pearl.

Knit. I have been buried under a pile of knit fabric for the last few days and am absolutely LOVING sewing with my new medium. I did lots of research because I had never sewn a knit fabric before-- ummm...so easy!! I started with using a tear away stabilizer-- don't do that! Not worth it. Just make sure you have the appropriate needles and sew with a bit of tension on your fabric. Easy peasy!

My robe is shaping up amazingly...I cannot wait to show you all. I'll post photos tomorrow as I'll be finishing up today.

Pearl. Are you loving some of my latest flea market finds??

Seriously. Is there any need to buy "new" jewelry when there is so much amazing vintage to be had? Ok, so maybe I love the occasional jaunt to this place...but really. Nothing beats vintage. I'll be listing some of this in the shop..but only after I take it for a test drive at THE Event , which is just two short weeks away!

Happy knitting!

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