Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Gold Star.

Such a crazy few days-- It started last Wednesday when I took the two sasses to get hair cuts-- with my stylist. I figured it would be fun....the last day of summer vacation spent doing hair and nails, having lunch and just hanging out. And it was-- other than the fact that one little sass, who has asked to remain un-named, dropped my i-phone at the hair salon. The face shattered- I- mean-shattered. I was in complete disbelief...All I could say was "Oh. My!" She was very sorry and felt horrible. It was an accident, what can I say. So we head on over to the nail salon and then back home-- to find out hot tub was partially drained-- for no apparent reason. One more thing on the list.

Thursday the a/c would not turn off-- We figured maybe the thermostat needed replacing so my hunky handyman hubby did that and NOPE! A/C guy is on call!

Saturday morning we wake up to a freezer full of thawed food and warm orange juice. No I am not kidding! Fortunately we have a second fridge in the garage that sustained us until the repair man could come. At least that was a rather quick but not so cheap fix. Why is it that when it rains it pours?? I guess it could have been worse-- The 6'4" 300lb Russian fridge repair man that showed up at my door on Monday after I had already cancelled the appointment could have actually made me pay the $45 fee for showing up at my door. Now that was scary! Door bell rings and I answer with a bewildered look on my face. He says :"I am here to fix flidge"--yes, flidge. I kindly tell him there must have been some sort of mix up, I had called and cancelled the appointment when I found someone who was able to come the same day. His response "Fuck. you wait while I call office. You no cancel, you pay." I'm not kidding!! He swore!!!! At my front door! Um.... pardon me giant Russian man... I'm sorry but I cancelled the appointment. I literally closed the door on him because I thought he was going to block it with his foot and demand payment. I was shaking....seriously... I ran around the house closing all the sliding glass doors and tried to rouse the 350 pounds of dog laying around--they of course could not be bothered as I didn't have time to grab lunch meat from the fridge. Not three minutes later a mean Russian woman called me from General Appliance Repair and explained to me that she gets over 150 calls a day and I should have left my name address and phone number (which by the way i did.) because she can't keep track of all the calls-- my problem why?? After I explained that I did leave that info she wanted my credit card number to bill me for the service call. Yeah, that didn't happen. We'll see if a bill shows up in the mail. And through all this-- I somehow managed to keep my cool (other than when she hung up--choice words flew then!) But overall, I was good-- For that, I should get a gold star served on a silver platter (or vintage salad plate)!!

You should get one too. A GIANT vintage brooch gold star! It's in the shop. You could dress up as the sheriff and go find that nasty repair man....

Here's hoping for a better week from here on out!


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