Friday, July 23, 2010


Miss A is a walking tornado and keeping up with her room cleaning (or lack there of) has So-- we made a deal. We make over her room and she has to keep it clean. We'll see how that goes.....

make.over., originally uploaded by gardenhouse.

I really pared everything down as far as how much schtuff she has in her room. She was at camp while I was doing the tear down and has noticed that much is missing-- love that! I did have a great time making drapes, moving furniture and making some new silhouettes for her walls. We'll be adding a Coco Chanel quote to her walls when the decal gets here. "A girl should be two things....classy and fabulous." Her room is all fun with a little fashion undertone...a few dress forms, a little glam and lots of Amy Butler Love!

I had a really hard time photographing her room, mostly because the light was not great and I wanted to get the photos right the end of the day. Oh well. And if you are wondering what a 7 year old has on her dresser, here ya go-- loads of lip gloss, "pretty" eyeshadow and a bedazzled i-pod of course! All corraled nicelyin an acyylic tray lined with a little sisboom!

Her big sister is now on the prowl for a room make-over. I had loads of great ideas for her but her input-- "I really like peace signs."

Please someone, shoot me!



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Prencie said...

Simone, I'm sure you've heard this plenty of times but I just LOVE the way you mix and match patterns and colors!! FAB! Your daughters a lucky girl! {be sure to tell her that ;)}