Monday, July 19, 2010

Everything Fabulous

Perusing a few of my fave blogs this morning because the kids are at camp (aaaahhhhhhh) and I don't have ANY interruptions! None! Sasha's blog, Everything Fabulous is one of my fave's. It IS Everything, decor, shopping, crafts-- It should be a daily read for you if it is not already. Today's post highlighted the The J.Crew Fall Lookbook. I.Die. Seriously.

I think this stuff is designed to taunt and tease ME. Yes, specifically me. And to drain my bank account. Ya know what,though...Why should J.Crew get to have all the fun?

sparkles, originally uploaded by gardenhouse.

I'm going to start offering some of my vintage jewelry finds in the shop along side my bags and clothing. All vintage brooches are amazing-- for the most part- but some are just beyond and need to be offered as solo pieces. So if you need something to spruce up your tweed jacket worn over your chambray button down, and I'm assuming some sort of sparkly heel, (thanks Jenna, for the inspiration) check the shop this evening. And please, buy one of everything because I don't think I can live another day without this jacket!

Happy Shopping.




Sweet Baby Jamie said...

I love it! Someone needs to buy a quilt from me so I can buy the jacket too....then we can be twinsies :) Your brooches are lovely Simone!

Mande said...

Simone, That necklace is TDF! And the bottom right yellow flower brooch! WANT it!! xo