Thursday, July 8, 2010

All things vintage and FAB.

The gods of all things vintage and fab have been smiling down on me lately! Flea market trips have been crazy good- maybe because the girls are with me I feel like I have more hands to carry things?? Don't know. Either way it's been most enjoyable. I'm stocking up for I swear it's all for the shop. My mom keeps laughing at me...she is threatening to come down and do it herself if I don't get it up and running!! She knows me. I have a hard time parting with vintage stacks of plates and bowls.

Little beaded handbags......screaming for fabric flowers and vintage sparkle.

Birds...oh birds! I am OB-sessed with vintage bird anything. You see why, yes?

And sets of glass......PINK drinking glasses, 6 of them and green depression glass plates. Are you drooling yet?? Me too!

Cheers to or to my house chock full of goodies ;)

Simone (hoarder of fab vintage trappings)


sweeter than cupcakes said...

oh yeah, you've got me drooling.

Mande said...

OOOH Simone....I want that white brooch. LOVE!!! xo