Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Village.

So sorry for my absence on Friday, I have been so good about a consistent Friday Style File post and am annoyed with myself for missing it.

We spent the weekend at a wedding in NorCal- a wedding of a friend I have know since I was 7. My whole inner circle was there.....I have know all of them for over 25 years. We spent summers growing up on beach vacations to Pajaro Dunes and swimming and doing talent shows for our parents at Pine Mountain Lake, not to mention 4th of July parades on Mossbrook Circle. These are my peeps! Since all of my extended family lives in England, I adopted all of them as my aunts, uncles and cousins-- but mostly my second moms! I'll save a separate blog post for the most talented and caring women I know. It was a real treat for all of us to be together because everyone is so busy that it's hard to get us all in one spot at the same time, but a wedding tends to do the trick.

Jon and Juliet got married in a field of wildflowers next to the lake on their property. Check out the isle--

It was amazing....ahhhhh-mazing. A merging of their Irish and Italian families. Bag pipes and pasta bars!

Jon's mom, Marnie, did everything-- from plant that field of wildflowers, all the flowers bouquets, made flower girls dresses, her own dress, tablecloths, prepped the catering to even making the cake--yes, the cake. (Multiply Marnie by 4 and you have the village that raised me....now you see why I am who I am) When we were driving there, Brian asked me what the music would be....was Marnie dj'ing?? Don't give her any ideas!!

Anyway, it was a fabulous weekend topped off by a Sunday brunch (yes again all hosted by Marnie at their house) on my birthday. It was wonderful to spend my birthday with my extended family. It so rarely happens, especially now that we live in SoCal. It was a REAL TREAT. And since I missed my usual Friday polyvore, here is one of my birthday loot. (I did get a new delicious camera--I didn't get THAT camera, but it's so pretty I had to throw in there to represent)

I was looking forward to coming home and having a relaxing early part of the week before heading out to Palm Springs with girlfriends for a few days. BUT-- dun-dun-dun --- a few orders came in over the weekend AND on the drive up to NorCal Brian and I decided it would be a good idea to have a party for July 4th. (Why do I do these things to myself?? It's the Marnie in me I think!!) So now I'm sewing like a mad woman, prettying the backyard and pool and prepping a food list for the 25-30 people we'll be entertaining on Sunday. This is how I live...and I think I would have it no other way! But I'll have to blame my mom, the Marnie, the Sue and the Karen in me-- it's the way I grew up!




Mande said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIMONE!!! Happy 4th of July too!!

Marnie sounds amazing and your upbringing sounds amazing too. What a wonderful wedding- among the wildflowers....that had to be so beautiful.


Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday loving that family pic with all the beautiful handmades...You deserve only good things...xoxox Jennifer