Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer Lovin'

{Nope, not going to post a youtube of the song-- but i know you're singing it in your head! Me too...}

This is summer lovin'-- shorts. Lounge shorts, as promised.

FAB bohemian floral shorts with vintage button details-- Luuuurrrrrve!

My girls are obsessed with them and you and yours should be as well. These are all girls sizes but I have a pattern for ladies sizes too so will be making myself some as well- and I know you want some too...head on over to the shop to get some. Only one pair of each custom short can be made as my fabrics are dwindling.

And yes, that is some old school Girlfriends line -- coveted, I know!
And a polyvore to go with the shorts of course! - the girls have been rocking them around town with little tanks, frilly tops and cowgirl boots...simply adorable! How about a simple white tank with a delicate bow and a gingham button down shirt?

It's our first official day of summer lovin' vacation (weekends don't count, right?) I'm juggling laundry and sewing and blogging and two girls who didn't get enough sleep this weekend AND had dance recitals both days, but it is somehow remaining peaceful- I can hear the waterfall on the pool calling to me. It's going to be a great summer, I can feel it now!



patsijean said...

I would love for you to sell the adult pattern for these shorts at some point. They are great.

Angela said...