Thursday, June 17, 2010

Scrap Style

I'm a bit obsessed with fabric scraps this week. Fabric flowers abound -- and I am loving making them! Last night I sat watching So You Think You Can Dance {Are you loving this season??} with a needle and thread and a pile of fabric scraps. I have a bunch of organic cotton little girls dresses that I'm embellishing and will be adding to the shop, as well as, of course, bags! Big straw bags with a gorgeous smattering of fabric flowers and vintage buttons, brooches and findings in true uninhibited Gardenhouse style.

Realizing how much scrap fabric I have motivated me to start a long overdue studio de-stash. I have been waiting for a time that I can do it all at once, but I now realize that will never happen. So I am on a mission to slowly and more realistically de-stash through out the summer. Starting with fabric scrap bags as well as selvage edge bags. Both are in the shop. I know there are loads of you out there who like to work selvages into your work, which is always amazing. A little print in with all the florals and patterns of todays fabrics is a great look. So head on over to the shop to grab some of the selvage bags-- That's all I have of them for now!

And if you need some fabric scrap ideas and inspiration.....The gorgeous and talented Sandi Henderson has written a fabulous book called "Sewing Bits and Pieces. 35 Projects Using Fabric Scraps"

There are some absolutely genius projects in it, including Treat Bags, Party Lights, Fabric Flowers and the CUTEST pattern for slippers. If you're looking for something to do with your fabric scraps (or my fabric scraps) this book is perfect.


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penny patten said...

It looks and sounds like a great book, we all have those scraps that we don't what we'll use them for.