Monday, June 7, 2010


What do you think? A second etsy shop? Goodies to feather your nest in true Gardenhouse style. One bolster, with a dash of velvet and a vintage brooch will certainly turn a crisp white bed into pure eye candy.

Custom pillows, one of a kind lampshades, vintage modern pretty trimmings, trappings and all sorts. I dream.....I dream.....I frequent so many flea markets and always seem to find such lovelies I would love to be able to make them available to you as well...and so I'm debating opening a second etsy shop. Handmade and vintage. Thoughts? Yes,please, never mind the fact that I am already backlogged on 4 patterns that all need literally one finishing touch, three already sewn designs that are just waiting to be photographed to hit the shop (new, delish stuff for your little girls are obsessed with them) and an entire week of PTA and classroom duties- I think I am just feeling optimistic for the summer-- freeeeee time! Wait, the kids are going to be home. I think it's time to get them on the payroll, yes, life will be much easier if I pay the kids to do run around to flea markets and model clothes.

I'll sleep on it.
But you.... please tell me your thoughts on

luvluv. zzzzzzzz



Meghan said...

Yes, Yes, YES! A resounding yes from me!

We're in the process of redecorating my boyfriend's house (now that we're co-habitating, it needs some feminine touches) and it would be great to have a source for home designs that echo what I see in your clothes and accessories. You posted a pic of some pillows awhile back and I was DYING for a few of my own. :-)

Sweet Baby Jamie said...

Simone I think it's a fabulous idea!!! And definitely employ your girls :) You have such a great eye for color, you can't go wrong!!! Now, if only there were 4 more hours in the day set aside JUST for sewing :)

LeanneC珮瑜 said...

Necessity is the mother of invention.............................................................