Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Here and There

I feel like I'm all over the place right now! And I know this is the story of life with two high maintenance kiddos and a mom who wants it all. At least I have given up on letting it stress me out! It just is what it is, and what gets done- gets done. I was planning on having a few bucket bags in the shop in time for mothers day-- or should I say in time to be shipped and received for mothers day. And I might-- if I don't work in Miss A's class today and don't take the girls to get haircuts and drop the dance class. And If I hadn't spent the entire day yesterday planning for a girl scout meeting and function this weekend and at PTA meetings last night, then yes, I would have those bags done. BUT, I am here and I am there (starting to sound like Dr. Seuss, no?) I am everywhere!

I have managed to make a few new handbags-- and I might have even picked up a new pair of shoes that will match one of them perfectly. (again, on sale at a ridiculous price--those shoes gods do love me!!) Why are those bags not done?? No, I wasn't shoe shopping, I was mom-ing around town!

Do you just die over this brooch?? Me too. Pains me to part with it! But I sacrifice for you. In the shop....




Mande said...

LOVE the brooch....I love Sarah Coventry. Gorgeous bags!!!

susigoesout said...

I ran into your blog a while ago already and put you on my favorite blogs list! Great style you have.

Greetings from Susi

Renee Ford said...

Very cute! Love the vintage sis boom brown/pink fabric from the Girlfriends collection. Lucky you to still have some of that fabric around!