Monday, March 29, 2010

Chic. Petite.

A Jackette- you know, small jacket. So lovely--and reversible.... Oh yes, for the girl who loves options!The first in this line is the Russian Tea Room Jackette. On your way out the door for tea with friends in NYC?

One place I was not able to visit in my days in new York was the Russian Tea Room. A college roommate had stories and I always had visions but was never able to go myself. So I thought I head on over to their website and scout out some photos--

What a gorgeous place! Perfect for a floral jackette and taffeta skirt. And will you check out those flowers? It's fate I tell you, that Jeff Latham is waiting for me at the Tea Room for lunch. There is no reference to him on their website but this arrangement is signature Jeff Latham. Are you familiar with his work and his TV show? Flowers Uncut? We'll save that for a separate post. Muscles, bushels of flowers (hydrangea being one of his fave's) and the George V Hotel in Paris. Need I say more for more? {And there is more!} He's a genius. As is the reversible jackette.

Must run! Late for lunch.


Mande said...

Love this little jacket. So cute. The Russian Tea room looks fabulous. I have never been, but wow let's go sometime Simone. Hope you have a beautiful & blessed Easter weekend.

Sweet Baby Jamie said...

You never cease to amaze me with your talent! LOVE the jacket

The Wooden Spool said...

So perfect! The jackette! :) My daughter is standing over my shoulder wanting one, too!